We launch and open up in England and the Czech Republic

It is with a happy tone when writing this news! We will namely launch in England and the Czech Republic. New times, new adventures. The whole team behind lavoixentournee.com is very excited and we are eagerly waiting to get started for real.

Our new product is called Amy

In connection with the launch in England and the Czech Republic, we choose to create a completely new identity. Fia has compared and reviewed casinos for almost a year and done very well. Instead of focusing further on Fia, we choose a name that works better internationally. This is where Fia's new sister Amy is born. CasinoAmy will have the same type of style and function as Fia but instead focus on other countries.

We think it will be fun to start building a family of characters that are suitable for different countries. This venture is just the beginning for us and we really hope you can recommend our site to your friends.

England a country with tough competition

England, Great Britain and the UK. Yes, a country with several different names. A country that is much debated thanks to its exit from the EU, also called Brexit. However, we will not leave the UK but instead focus hard to be able to compare, guide and give the British people all the necessary information you can think of online games..

The Czechs have great potential

The market with not as high pressure as England and Sweden is the Czech Republic. There are only a few gaming companies here that can be compared, but we believe that it will grow enormously. So if you have any Czech friends or acquaintances, please feel free to recommend the Czech version of CasinoAmy.