Foreign Casinos

 More and more people are opening their eyes to what the foreign casino market has to offer. It becomes almost a jungle when the foreign market offers everything from betting to withdrawals / deposits with Trustly. Below you will find summary information regarding casinos that we have compiled. Then playing at foreign casinos depends entirely on which casino you choose, it can have to do everything from which license they hold, for example an MGA license, it is tax-free, but if the casino holds a Curacao license, there are additional taxes..

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Foreign Casino Sites

Browse our list of different Casinos, and compare what they can offer you.

Foreign Casinos
Foreign Casinos

List of Foreign Casinos

This is an example of how a list of Foreign Casinos can look like today.

#🎁 Bonus / offer✅ BenefitsÖk Visit
fast betting casino logo Casino without Swedish license
  • Casino without Swedish license
  • Pay N 'Play
  • With Trustly
  • Casino & Betting
  • European License (tax-free profits)
emojino casino logo
  • Pay N 'Play
  • casino without license
  • With Trustly
  • Play N 'Go
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)
Fun88 casino
With BankID
  • Without a Swedish license
  • Trustly casino
  • With Trustly
  • 100 Free Spins
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)
scatters casino logo Unlicensed casino
With BankID
  • Unlicensed casino
  • € 25 risk free bonus
  • With Trustly
  • Jackpot Games
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)
Rant casino logo Casino without Spelpaus
With BankID
  • Casino without Game Break
  • 100% up to € 1000 bonus
  • With Trustly
  • Thousands of games
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)
Mount Gold Casino logo Zimpler Casino without Game Break
With BankID
  • Zimpler Casino without Game Break
  • 10% cashback every week
  • Zimpler Instant Banking
  • NetEnt
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)

Foreign casinos

Foreign casinos without Swedish license with trustly
There are many foreign casinos, the question is which of these where you as a Swede can play at and not. Today, many foreign casinos have banned gambling for Swedes, as the casino is without a license against Sweden. But despite this, as I said, there is the opportunity to play at these foreign casinos.

Foreign casinos without Swedish without a license

That you as a Swede can play at foreign casinos without a Swedish license is due to the fact that these gaming companies have not blocked Swedes. Or rather blocked Swedish IP addresses. It is in this way, among other things, that foreign casinos without a Swedish license can choose to either offer games for Swedes, or not.

In other words, you can play at casinos without a license and blockade against Sweden, as a Swede, from other countries that are not blocked. You can read more about these IP blocks further down the page.

Foreign casinos with Trustly

A common question that people want answered is whether there is foreign casinos with Trustly. We have answered this question later in the text where the answer is yes. What some people misunderstand is that in principle all casinos are foreign, the only difference is that some have a Swedish license and others do not.

Just like the foreign licensed casinos that offer Trustly, you can also find unlicensed foreign casinos that offer Trustly. Something that even foreign casinos can offer is the use of BankID, but this is then indirectly due to Trustly.

Foreign casinos with Zimpler

Zimpler is one of the most popular payment solutions in the casino market. Not least in the Swedish, but also foreign casinos, Zimpler offers deposits and withdrawals. Today we have noticed that there are many foreign casinos with Zimpler on the foreign market, and that they work just like in the Swedish.

Below we present a list of foreign casinos without a break and a Swedish license that offers, among other things, Zimpler and Trustly for deposits and withdrawals.

Foreign casinos without a license Bonus License
Betrebels Foreign casino with Trustly 100% up to € 500 + 100 FS MGA license
5 Gringos Casino Foreign casino with Zimpler 100% up to € 500 + 100 FS Curacao
Refuel Casino Without registration € 10% Cashback every week Curacao
Bettilt Casino Abroad casino without a break Up to € 500 + 30FS Curacao
Tsars Casino without license with bonus & Zimpler € 2000 Curacao
Sticky Wilds Casino Foreign casino despite game break € 500 + 200 Free Spins Curacao foreign casino with Trustly direct deposit Up to € 300 bonus Estonian license

Gambling teams against foreign casinos

The Swedish Gaming Act (2018: 1138) which is the basis for the license in Sweden. The law includes 21 chapters and many paragraphs on how a casino should relate to a number of different aspects. By not following any of these rules, a gaming company risks losing its license (such as Ninja Casino).

Examples of rules to follow:

  • Moderation in marketing
  • No transfers between gaming accounts
  • Do not offer games to paused players
  • Only one bonus per player and on the first deposit
  • Offer self-test

Gambling teams against foreign casinos without a Swedish license

Applies to foreign casinos without a license?

By not applying for a license in Sweden, you may not market and offer games against the Swedish market. When players seek out foreign casinos, these rules do not apply. Of course, this creates a problem when the Swedish Lottery Inspectorate wants to control the market.

How to take action and remedy that casinos without a license are available on the Swedish market is the next question. The first recommendation is that the owners of the casino choose to block Swedish players to create an account, but sometimes it does not work. At present, there are two other solutions that the Government can take.

Foreign IP blocking

One method for sorting out Swedish players from their website is to use IP blocking. In other words, not all visitors with a Swedish IP address can visit the website or the casino. This method can also be used by the Lottery Inspectorate to block you with a Swedish IP address from reaching a foreign casino. Unfortunately, this is somewhat restrictive of Swedish freedom of expression and something you like to avoid.

Payment blocking of foreign casinos

Another method of preventing gambling is to block payment solutions. This has proven to be an effective method that makes it more difficult for players to deposit money at foreign casinos. In the future, you who want to play at a casino without a Swedish license will need to use payment methods that are not blocked.

Foreign Casinos with Trustly

In various forums we see a more and more recurring question: there are Foreign Casinos with Trustly?
The payment form Trustly is often offered, which gives many security and flexibility in their gaming. On the online forum flashback we can see that it is very favorable to keep our eyes open for Foreign casinos with Trustly.

Foreign Casinos with Zimpler

Since Zimpler is connected to your telephone number, Zimpler is often offered as a payment solution at Foreign Casinos.

Foreign Casinos with Swish

The flexibility and speed with Swish makes it a very desirable payment solution, however, the payment options are very limited with Swish.

Foreign Casinos with Siru

A flexible E-wallet that is very flexible and secure. Unfortunately, it is somewhat limited.

Other Casinos:


Foreign Casinos without Swedish license

Today there are many casinos without a Swedish license which follows the directives which state that persons resident in Sweden shall not e.g. be able to receive a bonus, this due. the stricter laws on online casinos.
Below you can read about bonuses that some of these have for people living outside Sweden.

As many foreign casino sites do not have a Swedish license, there are usually no restrictions such as deposit ceilings from the state that exist to protect the individual from playing too much. For this reason, more people are applying to the very part of the market that offers online games such as casinos without requirements for, among other things, deposit ceilings..

Foreign gaming companies

Most Foreign casinos without a Swedish license often hold the Maltese license, so gambling is usually done online within the EU. This is then extremely favorable as the MGA license means that winnings are tax-free for you as a player.

Refuel Casino 10% cashback As a bonus
22Bet Casino Bonus up to € 3000 As a bonus 200 Free Spins As a bonus
Bettilt Casino Bonus up to € 500 + 30FS As a bonus


Foreign Betting Sites

Online betting is extremely flexible nowadays. Either calmly and quietly in front of the computer or comfortably straight in the hand with the mobile phone.
On foreign betting sites, the Swedish license usually does not apply, which means, among other things. that there are no restrictions such as stopping play. There are both pros and cons to betting without the Swedish license.

Nothing we recommend.

Betting on betting sites without a Swedish license is not something we recommend as no protection that is legislated according to Swedish law exists..

Refuel Casino 10% cashback every week Get the offer
22Bet Casino Bonus up to € 3000 Get the offer
Bettilt Casino Bonus up to € 500 + 30FS Get the offer

Difference in foreign casinos

Foreign Casinos are something more and more people are looking for when Sweden started to tighten its law on online gambling, which opened the door to play at casinos that are not based in Sweden. This must not be confused with holding a Swedish license or not.

A foreign casino can still hold the Swedish license, however, this is not so common. What you should try to look at is just that, the license. For example. a casino that holds a Maltese license, you avoid tax on profits due to. that it is covered by the EU.

This also applies to the Swedish license.

Why not just play at Swedish licensed casinos if it is tax-free anyway?

Mostly for restrictions such as game breaks, deposit ceilings, etc. Casinos without a Swedish license do not have these restrictions. However, the insecurity there is in the form that it can be difficult to control your gambling, or if problems arise, it can be more difficult to get help from authorities.

We do not recommend playing at such Casinos.

Foreign Casinos

Foreign Casinos 2021

With everything from low deposit to Swedish license, it is literally a maze out there of what to choose. So what to choose? It is entirely up to what you are looking for. We here at CasinoFia try to make it as easy as possible for you to decide. Regardless of whether you want to play with a Swedish license, without a Swedish license, etc., etc..

So remember Fia when you are unsure or simply want tips and advice on everything from our reviews to what is offered at online casinos.


Foreign gaming companies with tax

The difference between casinos usually applies to which license they hold, for example if a foreign casino holds a Swedish license, they have the right to target the Swedish people, which then results in tax-free winnings, but then we have the popular MGA license from Malta which is still tax-free for us Swedes because this is then within the EU.

All foreign casinos with BankID

It is possible to use BankID when you want to play at a casino without a Swedish license. This can be perceived as somewhat ambiguous as the use of BankID is not directly linked to the registration - but the use of Trustly.

These two services go hand in hand when the person signs Trustly with BankID, regardless of whether the person plays at a casino without restrictions or not.

It all depends entirely on whether they hold the Swedish license.

Increased demand

Many people apply to foreign casinos - at the same time as they want the security that the licensed market can offer. It is for this reason that many want to be able to use BankID for, among other things, registration and or services for deposits and withdrawals that require BankID.

BankID is Swedish and is directly regulated to the Swedish market and the casinos that have been granted access to it. While the unlicensed casinos that can offer games without restriction - may not turn to Swedish players.

Foreign Casinos Flashback is a very popular forum for casinos where you can find everything from tips from users to users or personal experiences that users have had from various Casinos.

Reviews of Foreign Casinos

Here are several of the casinos we provide for our visitors here at We try to write a review for each individual casino. Below you will find a list of different casinos that we have reviewed, otherwise you can search the page to find something that suits you.


Foreign Casinos with Low Deposit

Casinos with a low deposit limit are something that is popular, as people would rather play for less money than have to bet more. Most casinos now offer a lower deposit limit. It is usually beneficial for both customer and Casino. We here at CasinoFia really appreciate this.

Frequently Asked Questions about Foreign Casinos

Is it legal to play at a foreign casino?

Yes! It is 100% legal for you as a Swede to play foreign casinos, however, this is something we do not recommend to anyone.

Are foreign casinos tax free?

Yes, foreign casinos with the correct license (Swedish, MGA) are tax-free.

Can I use Trustly?

Yes, at more casinos, Trustly can be used as a payment solution.

Can I take advantage of bonuses?

Probably not with Sweden's gaming team that was adopted in 2019.