Unibet updates its logo

A few weeks ago, Unibet came out with some news. The first is to start offering games to players in the United States, more specifically New Jersey. The second is that in connection with the launch, you also update your logo. Here is a short comment about each update.

Launch in the USA

Something very interesting in connection with this news is the gaming company's launch in the USA. Specifically, New Jersey, a state just outside of New York. It will thus start offering games and betting online to American citizens living in NJ.

We at lavoixentournee.com think this expansion is very fun and also in line with our own launch in the USA. Soon, like many gaming companies, we will try to establish ourselves in the big country on the other side of the Atlantic. There, just like in Sweden, we will review gaming companies in the American market.

New logo

We also thought to briefly comment on the new logo that Unibet is launching in connection with the launch. First, very nice. The classic colors have been illustrated in a more modern vintage and the color green has been scaled up from lighter green to darker. We have seen this form of update in logos from several established companies and organizations. Very nice.

Previously, the logo was relatively simple and stripped down, which it still is. Now, on the other hand, they have managed to bring in a completely different depth and empathy.

unibet logo


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To put together the whole news and article about the USA, Unibet and the logo, we want to say that the USA will grow enormously. It will be exciting to follow for several reasons. But above all because of our own investment.