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There are well-known, credible and solid casinos and gaming companies. Then there is Unibet, as a real ruler over them. One of Sweden's most famous sites for betting and casino in other words. It is present in several countries and is one of the first players to set foot in the United States. We really love this exciting gaming site.
Our rating on Unibet Casino:

Fia went to safety
"Many times you think it's boring and stiff at traditional casinos but oh so wrong I was, here's hilarious and hip 😉 // Fia"

  • Several bonus choices
  • Easy with Bank ID
  • Large range of games

Bonus at Unibet Casino

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  • NOK 100 free on sports
  • Beting & Casino
  • Quick Withdrawals


lavoixentournee.com has watched Unibet Casino. The classic Swedish casino that was founded in 1997 really offers everything you can think of around games. Many Swedes have an account here today, but if you are one of the few who do not, then enjoy the best bonus on the market. Remember that gambling should be done responsibly and that it is only for people over 18 years of age.

A casino that is constantly renewing itself

When you have a long history, players have had time to build an idea of ​​the casino. New fresh gaming companies have the advantage that they can appear as a novelty and immediately get many new players. Their difficulty is to keep the player as a customer for a long time. Unibet Casino has really succeeded in retaining its players and making a great product that many people like. An important part of that success is that they have always managed to renew themselves. It can be with more games, better payment solutions and easier registration.

Now with swish

Now you can "swisha" your deposit for an absolutely painless transfer. As you know, Swish only takes a few seconds to complete and you will now only accept players with a Bank ID instead of keeping track of user information and passwords. We really recommend casinos that are moving to simpler processes. In general, we call them casinos with fast withdrawals, but this also applies to deposits. The processes are what are fast.

Game offerings

But if you have such an extremely long history as Unibet Casino, you have had the opportunity to build up a huge range of games. Here you really have a contract with all suppliers and manufacturers. For those who are also interested in sports, there is of course betting unlike other casinos we review. There, there is usually only a focus on slot machines, Black Jack, Live Casino and Roulette. Of course, all of this can also be found at reviewed casinos.


There are many things that are good. But best of all is probably the customer service. The employees at Unibet Casino have a good understanding of how casinos really work. Therefore, their customer service is very competent and can offer you a sharp service. We tried to contact them regarding an outlet and everything went smoothly and our problem was solved within 3 minutes. Because you have a large selection of Bingo, which attracts an older target group, the cases are often with older people. We believe that is the reason why customer service has managed to become so competent and skilled.

Unibet app

Although the website is mobile-adapted so that it works in all devices, there is an application for the phone that you can use. The advantage of the app is that you can access it directly from your home page on the phone and add a game or play casino directly. If you visit the website, you always need to surf to the right web address.


In our experience, as a new player you can always get an offer. This then applies to your first deposit and can be extra money, some wonderful free spins or a combination of both. We always have an updated version of the latest offer in the fact box further up on our page. If it should be the case that the offer changes faster than we have time to update, you can be sure to find the absolute latest, together with terms and conditions on Unibet's website.

Supercasino (high refund)

Since November 2019, Unibet Casino has been offering something called "Supercasino". It is a bunch of selected casino games that offer an extra high payback, exactly 98%. We think the news is very funny and will probably be popular among all Swedish players.

Quick facts
Website Unibet.se
Release year 1997
Swedish gaming license Yes
Number of games / slots 500+
Deposit with VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Swish, Trustly
Tax-free profits Yes
Support Chat, Email, Phone
Unibet, a site that is very green.
Homepage for Unibet Casino.


Despite their age, they have really found a classic but youthful look. The site feels modern and the green colors really symbolize a sense of security, and of course profit at the casino. The environment where you deposit money, check balances and withdraw money is simple, clean and attractive. Once you play in a slot machine, the game is in focus. Nothing else.

Expansion to the United States

It is very good news that reaches us, Unibet will open in the USA. The country in the west has just started to open up for online gaming. And here you do not want to wait, together with Hard Rock Café they have obtained a license for games in New Jersey.

We are convinced that it will be a very interesting development, as Americans generally like games but do not have the same habit as us Swedes when it comes to the net. To now start offering a product that has worked so well in Sweden in the US can only be a success.


If you have to describe this well-known casino in a few well-chosen words, it is not particularly difficult. We just say: Security, simplicity and world-class entertainment. You who are looking for a casino to play for a long time, welcome. You have found the right one.

In addition, they of course maintain the basic standard when it comes to app, bank ID, deposits and withdrawals Swedish players require today. We know that many already have an account today but if not, take the opportunity as a new player to pick up a terribly good bonus.

common questions and answers

Unibet's casino has many games?

Yes. Through good agreements, you have over 1000 games available for Swedish players. Open an account today and try!

Can I get a bonus?

It's going great! All new players at Unibet Casino can receive a welcome bonus on their first deposit. We always have the latest offers listed in our review.

How do I create an account?

Creating an account is very easy. You just fill in your social security number and verify with BankID, then it's done.

What is their supercasino?

The payback on a number of selected casino games has been increased from 98%. This is called supercasino and you will find which ones on their homepage.