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High rollers have chosen their market, the one for players who dare to play a little extra. So, a so-called Big Player. But, of course, the casino is open to multiple players and a perfect place for entertainment. Because remember, profit is not always there. Fia welcomes you to its review of High Roller Casino where we include bonuses and welcome bonuses, withdrawals, payment methods and much more.
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Fia became a major player
"I usually do not play that big, but now I tested High Roller. 100% deposit bonus up to SEK 3,000 so deposited max. So SEK 3,000. A lot of gambling 😉 // Fia"

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High roller casino bonus

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high roller logo

High rollers

  • 100 Cashspins
  • Casino For High Rollers
  • Jackpots

High Roller Review

This time we have taken a look at High Roller Casino, a nice and attractive casino that offers both Swish for quick deposits and a really great welcome bonus. Remember that it is always the casino's rules and conditions that apply before our information. It can always be changed before we have time to update. Gambling must also be done responsibly and only for you over 18 years of age. If you feel that the following information is verifiable, we hope you can get good information before your first deposit in our guide below.

High roller deposits and withdrawals

An important aspect for many players, and above all high rollers, is that deposits and withdrawals go quickly and always something the customer controls. The worst thing players know about is not feeling involved in their money at the casino, as if the money is locked. Many casinos are really trying to change that view and offer full transparency and fast payment solutions. At High Roller you can use swish so that the deposit only takes a few seconds.


Storspelare.se is like many is the casino very conscious and constantly evolving. The advantage of good newer casinos compared to older ones is that you get the latest technology, more fun games and better service. Even though Storspelare.se came already in 2017, they have changed and kept up to date. Therefore, you get the same feeling as with a new one. For example. swish is such a fantastic feature that they quickly started using at the turn of the year 2018 and 2019.

High roller welcome bonus with no wagering requirements

Something very odd and fun with this casino is that the bonus is without wagering requirements. You thus get your deposit doubled up to SEK 3,000. So, if you are a really big player and deposit SEK 3,000, you get SEK 6,000 to play for. This information is current at the time of writing and we always recommend that you check the terms and conditions before depositing. Many casinos that offer bonuses have lowered or removed it completely. But, here's a great bonus left.

One of the biggest sites

Since a page on the internet can not be directly measured in meters or volume in any way, many gaming sites usually use the phrase that they are disturbed on the internet. We easily think it can be a little misleading. So, our solution is to look at the number of games, that is, the range of games. It's a pretty good measure of how many games, and how big the casino actually is. Here you will find over 1000 games, which is completely sick. Provided that the range of games does not grow, you can try a new game every day for almost three years.

High roller contact

If you need to contact the game page, it's very easy. You have three options and the most effective is of course the chat. Then you get an answer directly through direct messages between you and an employee. In addition, there is also e-mail and telephone. Telephone is a bit more unusual today and we are very impressed that they actually use that method. The reason for contact can e.g. be to verify an account or ask anything about bonuses.

Quick facts
Website Storspelare.se
Release year 2017
Swedish gaming license Yes
Number of games / slots 1000+
Deposit with VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Swish, Trustly
Tax-free profits Yes
Support Chat, Email
Home major player casino
The start page at Storspelare.se.

Dark and captivating design

Many casinos choose bright colors to make the experience feel elegant, fast and clean. High Roller Casino, on the other hand, chooses to go on a dark theme with elements of gold / bronze. We think it's really cool and gives a feeling of being in a real casino. The design is also very easy to use and works great in your phone, toad or other device. You get an easy overview and can choose your best game for the day.

Total cardamom

We were going to summarize this eminent online casino. Known for big players, in really something more common for everyone. Many people have an opinion about this casino, as there is a lot of advertising on the radio. If we are to add our neutral comment, we really like the page. The theme is dark and adventurous, the bonus is really good and big.


common questions

Is it possible to pick up an offer from High Rollers?

Of course! High rollers always have great deals for new players and customers. read more here about current offer.

How do I make a withdrawal at High Roller?

Requesting a withdrawal from High Roller is easy! If this is the first time you want to make a withdrawal, you need to verify yourself with a BankID or passport copy. The average time for a withdrawal is 1-2 days.

It is also possible to play Poker at High Roller?

That's right! A big news is their HexaPro Poker. A fast and fun variant of Texas Hold'em.