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You will find a mobile-friendly and fast casino experience at Snabbare Casino. The fast, challenging and stylish casino gives you hassle-free play and many fun games. Right now there is no bonus but we promise you, there is nothing you need here.
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"Swish swish swish! Faster casino is really faster than anything else I've tested. Wow. // Fia"

  • Colorful
  • Quickly
  • Large range of games

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  • Choose 100 Jackpot spins
  • Or SEK 100 Sports bonus


On this page, we will rate and review Faster Casino. The site that focuses on the obvious, speed. Here, the entire flow should be fast. It involves registration, deposit, finding games and making a withdrawal. Of course, not everyone gets the luxury of withdrawing money, but if winnings are forthcoming, it can be cool to get the money out just as quickly. This form of casino is often called casino with fast withdrawals.

Customer service

At Faster Casino, you get easy help through Live Chat, Frequently Asked Questions or Email. The staff is helpful and friendly. You will most likely get help very quickly and be happy with the delivery. Many turn to support for help with bonuses, this is not unusual. It could be that you want to get an extra small bonus or have had problems with the bonus in your deposit. However, there is no bonus so you will be guaranteed to avoid that hassle.

No registration required at Faster Casino

The new trend at online casinos is casino without account. This means that you do not need to register and enter any information in order to access the casino's main page directly by verifying your identity with a Bank ID. You use this type of voucher and you can be on the page where you deposit money in just a few minutes, all directly in your phone or via the computer.

Deposits and withdrawals

Something that correlates with easy registration is quick deposits and withdrawals. At SC, Trustly is the payment solution you can use and there, both deposit and withdrawal between the casino and your bank is a joy. You can choose from many well-used

Daily bonuses

At Snabbare you get every day some kind of bonus. It varies from day to day but is usually free spins, promotions on certain games, extra bonuses and similar gifts players really appreciate. This way, the game becomes more lively and you know that it is always possible to pick up something extra fun the next day. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find what bonus you get without creating an account at Faster Casino.

Part of a large group

Faster Casino belongs to the ComeOn group or ComeOn Connect as they are called. There you will also find ComeOn, Hajper Casino, Casinostugan and many more. It is noticeable that these creators know how to make good casinos. The whole experience from top to toe is well thought out and you never encounter any doubts.

Game offerings

Few gaming sites on the market have this huge range of games that Faster Casino offers. It has large and long agreements with some of the world's most popular and largest suppliers. In this way, we find a wealth of classics but also the very latest as soon as they have left the factory. Something that is quite unique and unusual is that you offer games in three different categories. Casino, Live Casino and Betting. You can thus create an account and never have to switch to another page as the offer is fully complete.

Quick facts
Release year 2018
Swedish gaming license Yes
Number of games / slots 500+
Deposit with Trustly
Tax-free profits Yes
Support Chat
Faster Casino
Screenshot from Faster Casino.

Experience and theme

You really get a colorful and fun experience at Faster Casino. They have thought of all the important elements and the whole game and the casino is fast, nice and nice. That way, the whole game becomes a joy and you do not have to get annoyed at any strange moments. Because, that's actually the way it is. A casino that works well, you do not even have to think about how good it is. Once it is bad, however, you as a user will easily get noticed.

Actor in advertising

In recent years, they have run a number of commercials on TV and also got some ambassadors on the track. Many have heard from us and wondered which actors have actually been seen over the years. So we took on the challenge and made a list of the actors / celebrities here:

  • Pontus Gårdinger


If you are going to summarize and put together the bag for this casino, it is quite simple. One word: World class. It has been understood that a casino should be like a book. The cover should be nice and when you open, a fantastic story is hidden on the inside. A few keystrokes away you are inside the casino, and get to enjoy. The cover is ruffled nice in blue as well.


FAQ Faster

Can I get a welcome bonus??

Yes! Right now you can get SEK 2,500 extra on your first deposit. It applies to both sports and casino. Get it by click here.

Why Players Love Faster?

We know why, and are not surprised. It is one of the fastest casinos on the market when it comes to deposit, registration and withdrawal. As an extra on that, you also get a bonus, which is absolutely insanely good.

Do I have to pay tax on my winnings?

No! Faster Casino has Swedish and your winnings remain tax-free. Making a withdrawal only takes a few coins at this fast-paced casino.