Hajper Casino

The cousin, friend, brother or sister of another fast casino is called Hajper Casino and is a remember just as fast, skilled and wonderful relative. Here you get a casino experience directly on the phone where money is back in your account within 15 minutes if the win arrives. And do not forget, hype-deals every day.
Our rating on Hajper:

Fia drank coffee with Hajper
"What a cozy, nice, lovely and fast relative to faster. Dare to almost say that Hyper is Faster 😉 // Fia"

  • Super fast
  • Mobile friendly
  • Massive supply

Bonus at Hajper

Find a really good bonus at Hajper Casino.

hajper casino

Hajper Casino

  • Deposit 100 get 200 SEK
  • Quick & Easy
  • Swish


We have looked at several factors to assess Hajper Casino. Important things for players are bonuses, experience, deposit and withdrawal. We look at these areas extra carefully, but then there are also comments about other things at the casino, e.g. customer service. But, overall, Hajper is a very fast, good and fantastic casino you really need to try. One last thing, it is important that you do not confuse this casino with Hyper.

Customer service

If you want some kind of help to discover or play at their casino, it goes very smoothly. You will find three options for help. The first is to use their live chat where employees help and answer you within minutes. The second option is to read their frequently asked questions and answers where many of the most common support issues are answered. The third and final option is to send an e-mail, which of course has slightly longer response times, but you often have a response within an hour..

Bonuses and offers at Hajper Casino

Like many other casinos, Hajper has departed from the classic model where you get a bonus on your first deposits at the casino. They can be for several reasons. The first is that players no longer demand bonuses for a long time but only want a big one at the beginning or other gifts. The second option is that the new gaming law does not allow casinos to be as generous with bonuses. Whatever the reason, we like lavoixentournee.com really the variant one uses here. At Hajper Casino you get daily "HAJPS" / "HAJPAR" with gifts such as money, free spins or other fun things in the games.

No app but play directly on the phone

Today 2019, it really is games on the phone that count. A casino that has not adapted its casino to the users' iPhone or Android phones will really have problems in the future. I have thought exactly right here and the whole experience is focused on working first in the phone and computer as other alternatives. This way, your experience will be super flexible and simple.

Registration is not required

Hajper Casino is a so-called casino without account. This means that you as a player do not have to fill in any information and processes to get started but just click on "Start game" and verify you and your deposit with Bank ID. This has really revolutionized the market today and the casinos that have really managed to take care of their players best are the casinos that skip the registration. Casino without account is here to stay.

The number of games

According to our information, there are over 500 games available. It's a huge amount and you as a player will definitely not have to look very long to find something fun. Classic card games at real dealers are something many of us at lavoixentournee.com find very fun. For you who like Slot machines and Slots there are all the well-known suppliers so you will find, among other things, the classic Starburst.

Quick facts
Website Hajper.com
Release year 2018
Swedish gaming license Yes
Number of games / slots 500+
Deposit with Trustly
Tax-free profits Yes
Support Chat, FAQ
Hajper Casino
The page you meet at Hajper Casino.

Theme and design

Someone who has decided the design really understands what design does for the game. To thrive and really like the environment and the design is good will make players really care. When you visit Hajper, everything goes very smoothly, but the coolest are the green and blue combinations of colors. Their hero is also really good looking and creates a wonderful feeling. In summary, we are really impressed with how they have put the style and design of their casino.

Constantly evolving

Over the years when we have reviewed and created one guide for online casino Hajper Casino has always been something of a favorite. It's not because we directly just loved the site or are impartial in any way. It is about the fact that we have seen a constant development. It started as the fast and easy game page where nice colors were the main thing you could offer. Now, after a few years on the market, they have instead developed into a site that offers everything imaginable. It is no longer the colors that are in focus, but it is the gaming and even bonuses.

Comments from Flashback

For those who read on some internet forums about e.g. Flashback, you can find negative information about how Hajper has misbehaved. We do not have an immediate opinion but would like to point out that you should take the information with a pinch of salt. Comments are other players' opinions and there are always two sides to a coin. We therefore try in all reviews to be factual and clearly explain how games work on this particular page.


As we usually say: All casinos are good, there are only better or the best. We probably think that Hajper.com is one of the latter. So one of Sweden's Best Casinos right now. The reason? Yes, we think it's nice, fun and goes so sick fast. You have your money in the account within minutes. Extra spice? Yes, you get daily offers and challenges. Totally amazing.

Frequently asked questions about Hajper Casino

Can I get a bonus at Hajper Casino?

Of course! Right now you can get 100% extra up to SEK 1,000. In addition to that, you have something called Hajpermiljonen. There are selected slot machines with extra winnings that you can take advantage of.

How fast can I make withdrawals?

Through BankID and fast payment methods, you can make withdrawals of any winnings for two minutes at Hajper. This, of course, if all the information is correct.

Do I have to estimate my winnings??

No! You have a Swedish gaming license so all of your winnings remain tax-free. Totally amazing!