Swedish casinos

Safe and secure Swedish casino sites for you in Sweden. Swedish casinos are licensed by the Lottery Inspectorate.

Swedish casinos

Swedish casino sites

Welcome to our page about Swedish casinos. Here you will find the best casinos for you as a Swedish player. The definition of a Swedish casino is the gaming companies that are licensed and can legally offer games to you as a Swedish citizen.

As important as it is to us, it should be important for you as a player to find a casino that operates legally. This way, you can always be confident in your deposits, gaming sessions and withdrawals. At lavoixentournee.com, we of course only review and list casinos with a Swedish license.

There are of course additional aspects that we consider when we look at a Swedish casino. The most important thing and the main thing is that you as a player can feel safe, have fun and have a good experience. For it to work, games need to take place with Swedish kronor. You should be able to get help from a customer service in the Swedish language and of course the casino's texts and information must be in Swedish.

Our site contains complete information regarding casinos in Swedish. Just below you will find a top list with the absolute best Swedish gaming sites ranked based on our rating process. Even further down you will find information that can answer your questions and thoughts as a Swedish player.

The top list also contains the best offers. It is such an important part of our sorting and analysis of a casino that it will always come into focus, no matter what type of casino you sort at..

Finally, we wish you good luck with gambling and hope that lavoixentournee.com has helped you find the information and casino you were looking for..


Find the best casino site in Sweden

Complete list of casinos that offer gaming experience in Swedish.

888 casino logo Online casino bonus: 100% At SEK 100

888 Casino

  • Online casino bonus: 100% At SEK 100
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  • Jackpot Games
Campobet logo


  • Welcome bonus up to SEK 100
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playtoro casino logo Online casino with Play N 'Play

PlayToro Casino

  • Online casino with Play N 'Play
  • New Casino
  • 2500+ Top games
Chanz casino logo


  • 100 KR Bonus
  • Direct registration
  • Withdrawal within 5-10 minutes
yoyo Casino logo Swedish casinos

Yoyo Casino

  • 100 Free Spins
  • New Casino - New license
  • Easy registration
bethard logo Swedish casinos


  • Zlatan Casino
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
Race Casino logo Swedish casinos

Race Casino

  • Play N 'Play Online
  • Casino Without Account
  • Quick withdrawals with Trustly
Fastbet Casino logo Swedish casinos


  • Pay And Play Online Casino
  • Betting & Casino
  • Withdrawals with Trustly
no account bet logo Svenska casinon

No Account Bet

  • SEK 100 deposit bonus
  • Casino without account
  • Betting & Casino
CasinoCasino logo Swedish casinos


  • 100% UP TO 100 SEK
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noaccount casino logo Swedish casinos

No Casino Account

  • SEK 100 deposit bonus
  • Casino without account
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dream jackpot logo Swedish casinos

Dream Jackpot

  • 100 Free Spins on Starburst
  • Trustly & Zimpler
  • Live Casino
Fun Casino logo

Fun Casino

  • Up to SEK 100 Bonus
  • Pay N 'Play
  • With BankID
Yako casino logo Swedish casinos

Yako Casino

  • Up to SEK 100 Bonus
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temple nile logo Swedish casinos

Temple Nile

  • Online casino with Quick Withdrawals
  • Quick, easy & smooth
  • Egyptian Theme
paf casino logo Swedish casinos


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  • Casino, Lotto & Bingo
  • Swish deposit
Scandibet casino logo


  • Without Account
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  • Viking theme
turbo vegas logo Online Casino Without Account

Turbo Vegas

  • Online Casino Without Account
  • Turbocharged outlets
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Swedish casinos with bonus

The number of approved Swedish casinos is just over a hundred, and in addition it comes all the time is the casino. The majority of these offer 1 bonus to their new players

In order for you to avoid keeping track of all these, we have collected the best Swedish casinos with bonuses in a top list at the top of the page. There we have taken several aspects into consideration and selected the ones that we think will suit you best.

Find the best Swedish casino bonus

Finding a casino where everything matches your criteria is not easy. There are a plethora of casinos today and many are quite similar. When it comes to finding it best Swedish casino with bonus it is important to think about what you personally like. In addition, security is also important.

When we talk about security, it is about your money being handled securely, your information and account remaining secure and that you can get help and use the casino in a language you are safe in, ie Swedish. We will always be clear in recommendations when it comes to these aspects and will never tell you about a casino that does not meet basic requirements.

casino with swedish license bonus

What is a Swedish casino?

A Swedish casino is a casino site (website with casino games) that has a gaming license in Sweden, offers games in Swedish and uses Swedish kronor as a bet. On the current page at lavoixentournee.com you will only find Swedish casinos with an approved license.

The majority today are Swedish

On sites that compare casino sites, such as ours, interest and information about Swedish casinos has decreased somewhat. The reason is that the market is beginning to understand the majority of the gaming sites are now Swedish. Previously, it was important to find a Swedish casino as some sites could be unserious. It is completely gone and today all casinos you find and that are marketed in Sweden have a Swedish gaming license, unless otherwise clearly stated.

Swedish casinos with license

Swedish casinos with license
First and foremost, we want to sort out one thing, lavoixentournee.com will only recommend Swedish casinos with license on this page. This means that all the casinos you find will guarantee you a safe experience.

In any case, a casino with a Swedish license is a site that, legally, may offer casino games, lotteries and betting for you as a Swedish player. You as a player then get a security, safety and are guaranteed to play on decent terms. The gaming companies that have received an approved license can thus legally offer games to you.

Casino Swedish license No turnover requirements
High rollers Yes 100 cash spins on the Book of Dead
PlayOjo Yes 100 turnover-free FS
PlayToro Casino Yes 2500 different slots
PAF Casino Yes 99 turnover-free FS
Bethard Casino Yes SEK 500 turnover-free

New gaming law and gaming license

In short, it can be explained that the new gaming license in Sweden comes from a new gaming team in Sweden. A way for the Swedish state to regulate a market that previously had a monopoly, which unfortunately did not work.

So from 2019, you as a player can choose approved Swedish casinos and get enormous security with the purchase. The license is issued by the Lottery Inspectorate and is awarded to gaming companies that intend to be active in the Swedish market.

Having a license means several things but among other things that casinos must follow certain marketing rules, bonus rules and some other things that ultimately impact the player. A very good and important thing is the possibility of a national shutdown system.

The gambling monopoly is abolished

The time has come, a gaming license in Sweden is here. The old gaming monopoly is abolished. Unfortunately, the decision that came into force on 1 January 2019 does not feel as big as it actually is.

Unfortunately, we have previously been flooded with game advertising on TV, radio and the internet. And then from companies other than Svenska Spel. But, now it is possible for these casinos to do the right thing by applying for a gaming license in Sweden and paying tax where it belongs..

In future, lavoixentournee.com will always be careful to announce whether a gaming company has a Swedish license or not.

Advantages of Swedish casinos

There is actually a big advantage to playing at Swedish casinos, if something goes wrong there is help to be had. However, we think that many who compare and review online casinos exaggerate the security factor. It is not unsafe to play online.

Maybe in the early 90's that people lost money when the gaming companies went out of business or similar, but today this business is at least as common as anything else in Sweden. Therefore, forget the whole aspect of uncertainty. There is no uncertainty today.

All casinos are safe and work 99 out of 100 times as smoothly as possible. The advantages of Swedish over others are several, here are some of the best.

Requirements for a Swedish casino
A Swedish casino is not as difficult to identify today as it used to be. From 1 January 2019, all gaming companies targeting Sweden must have a gaming license. But, in addition to a license, the following can be good:

  • Swedish website
  • Customer service in Swedish
  • Games in SEK
  • Connected to game break
  • Read more at lavoixentournee.com

Swedish casino website

When you surf into the chosen casino, you will meet texts, deposits and other important information in Swedish. So that you can easily understand what applies. In other words, you do not have to take those extra English lessons to hang out at your casino.

2. Customer service in Swedish

If you need help with something when you play at an online casino and need help, it can be a huge security that those who work in customer service at the casino speak Swedish. Many people hesitate to email or call when there is no help available in Swedish. However, if you play at a Swedish casino, all employees will always speak Swedish and be able to help you in a language you are comfortable with..

Today, the most common and convenient way to contact a casino is through chat. Many casinos offer chat but it is often the quality of customer service that determines whether the experience is good or not.

3. Casino games with crowns

A third very important and simple advantage of playing at licensed casinos is that all games take place in Swedish kronor. In this way, you avoid complicated methods of depositing together with other forms of conversion / exchange of your money. If you deposit 100 kronor, you will get 100 Swedish kronor to play for. Not harder than that.

4. You keep your winnings

A very important thing why you should stick to Swedish casinos in Sweden is that if you play within an EU country, you do not have to pay tax on your winnings. If you just choose the casino completely free and are attracted by extremely attractive bonuses, you may risk being left out and will have to tax your winnings, which means that 30% disappears in winnings tax..

Therefore, it is important that you check e.g. this page after Swedish casinos and assures you that gambling takes place within the EU.

In 2019, all Swedish casinos have a license in Sweden, which means that all winnings are tax-free. You no longer have to worry about whether a casino is inside or outside the EU. One thing is important, however, and that is that the casino has a Swedish license. Otherwise, you may again risk playing on one casino without license.

FAQ - Casino sites

What does it mean that a casino is Swedish?

Swedish casinos are casino sites that have a Swedish gaming license from the Lottery Inspectorate, offer games in Swedish kronor (SEK) and have a website and customer service in Swedish.

Which Swedish casino sites are best?

You will find the best Swedish casino sites in our list. There we rank them by offers, deposit methods, game offerings and much more. The page is updated every month and you are always welcome to find your next game page.

Do I pay tax on my profits?

No! All winnings at Swedish casino sites are and remain tax-free. You only pay tax on skill games, such as Poker. The majority of those who use our guide are looking for casino games such as slot machines, blackjack, live casino and roulette. Which does not have taxable profits.

Swedish casinos best in the world

It is often said that Sweden is the world's best country at developing and operating casinos. We were out early and Sweden was one of the countries that first started offering games online instead of at land-based casinos.

High quality

If you have chosen a casino to play at, the website is of the highest degree very high quality. We Swedes are known all over the world get good taste, design and quality in the work. This is also reflected in the casinos that Swedes participate in and produce.

You often see very well-made and fun design in a specific theme. You very rarely come across casinos that are functionally bad and that interfere with deposits, withdrawals or gambling. Something that has become popular recently is also the more minimalist and clean design that should symbolize simplicity and speed, as in e.g.. Speedy Casino.

If you look at the game itself and release the design for a while, it is not worse. Since many game developers are Swedes, the games are also of high quality and are really fun. Many classic games are developed by Swedish companies that are loved all over the world.

A Swedish casino known for its massive range of games is Dream Vegas & the sister casino Temple Nile.

Early online for casino

Swedish casinos have a long history and are really the best in the world at offering games to their players. Something Sweden has been very good at is developing the market and how the business should work. Many Swedish casinos are today in Malta and many Swedes have moved you to work.

If you want to work for a gaming company, it really is Malta that counts. Down in Malta, provided you want to work for the casino, there are plenty of jobs. You can either work in customer service, as a group manager or with development. The opportunities are really many and since it is outside the country, you do not compete for jobs in the same way.

The market continues to develop and only gets bigger and bigger, which means that more jobs will be created. A very popular workplace is Hajper Casino belonging to ComeOn Connect. These large companies create attractive jobs and where you are interested in finding a job, we recommend visiting the website for open positions.

Well-known Swedish casino game developers

When you play at Swedish casinos, many of the games will be developed by Swedish companies. Many classic games such as Starburst and Mega Fortune are developed by Swedish companies. The same applies to live casino, where Sweden is a leading provider.

Read more about Swedish game developers here.

example casino site
An example of a very popular Swedish casino site.

Best Swedish casino with license 2021

See the list at the beginning of the page of all the best Swedish casinos 2021 on the market today. Below we have several casinos without a Swedish license. Of course, it is not illegal to gamble on these today, but be sure to be vigilant about what applies.

Actors outside the license

What is also available is that of this market that has chosen not to apply for a license against the Swedish gaming market. These casinos without a Swedish license you can read more about under the link provided. Below is a list of these so you can quickly get an insight into what these might look like.

#🎁 Bonus / offer✅ BenefitsÖk Visit
fast betting casino logo Casino without Swedish license
  • Casino without Swedish license
  • Pay N 'Play
  • With Trustly
  • Casino & Betting
  • European License (tax-free profits)
emojino casino logo
  • Pay N 'Play
  • casino without license
  • With Trustly
  • Play N 'Go
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)
Fun88 casino
With BankID
  • Without a Swedish license
  • Trustly casino
  • With Trustly
  • 100 Free Spins
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)
scatters casino logo Unlicensed casino
With BankID
  • Unlicensed casino
  • € 25 risk free bonus
  • With Trustly
  • Jackpot Games
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)
Rant casino logo Casino without Spelpaus
With BankID
  • Casino without Game Break
  • 100% up to € 1000 bonus
  • With Trustly
  • Thousands of games
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)
Mount Gold Casino logo Zimpler Casino without Game Break
With BankID
  • Zimpler Casino without Game Break
  • 10% cashback every week
  • Zimpler Instant Banking
  • NetEnt
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)


We hope the reading has been interesting. As understood, this page is about both casino sites in general but also specifically Swedish casinos. By reading the whole, you have got a clear picture of how the Swedish gaming market works both when it comes to supply and important players behind it..

The mainstay of the Swedish gaming market is the gaming license. It guarantees security and safety for all actors involved. We hope you have understood more how this works and have a great playing time no matter which side you choose.

Good luck from us at lavoixentournee.com and we look forward to the future with you!