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Pay no profit tax on your winnings at these tax-free casinos. Sorted by best grade in list below.

tax-free casinos

Tax-free casinos 2021

Finding a casino with tax-free winnings today is not particularly difficult. The majority of the gaming companies on the market adapt to an EU license and with that comes the casino can distribute tax-free winnings. But, it is important that you keep track. has therefore listed all tax-free casinos 2021 you can find online.

All casinos on this site have:

  • Tax-free profits
  • Swedish gaming license by the Lottery Inspectorate
  • Secure deposits

Casino with tax-free winnings

Your winnings should not be shared with anyone else, make sure you eat the whole cake.

888 casino logo Online casino bonus: 100% At SEK 100

888 Casino

  • Online casino bonus: 100% On SEK 100
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
Campobet logo


  • Welcome bonus up to SEK 100
  • Casino & Betting
  • Quick registration
playtoro casino logo Online casino with Play N 'Play

PlayToro Casino

  • Online casino with Play N 'Play
  • New Casino
  • 2500+ Top games
Chanz casino logo


  • 100 KR Bonus
  • Direct registration
  • Withdrawal within 5-10 minutes
yoyo Casino logo Tax-free casinos

Yoyo Casino

  • 100 Free Spins
  • New Casino - New license
  • Easy registration
bethard logo Tax-free casinos


  • Zlatan Casino
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
Race Casino logo Tax-free casinos

Race Casino

  • Play N 'Play Online
  • Casino Without Account
  • Quick withdrawals with Trustly
Fastbet Casino logo Tax-free casinos


  • Pay And Play Online Casino
  • Betting & Casino
  • Withdrawals with Trustly
no account bet logo Tax-free casinos

No Account Bet

  • SEK 100 deposit bonus
  • Casino without account
  • Betting & Casino
CasinoCasino logo Tax-free casinos


  • 100% UP TO 100 SEK
  • Quick registration
  • Casino & Lotto
noaccount casino logo Tax-free casinos

No Casino Account

  • SEK 100 deposit bonus
  • Casino without account
  • Betting & Casino
dream jackpot logo Tax-free casinos

Dream Jackpot

  • 100 Free Spins on Starburst
  • Trustly & Zimpler
  • Live Casino
Fun Casino logo

Fun Casino

  • Up to SEK 100 Bonus
  • Pay N 'Play
  • With BankID
Yako casino logo Tax-free casinos

Yako Casino

  • Up to SEK 100 Bonus
  • Pay N 'Play
  • With BankID
temple nile logo Tax-free casinos

Temple Nile

  • Online casino with Quick Withdrawals
  • Quick, easy & smooth
  • Egyptian Theme
paf casino logo Tax-free casinos


  • 99 Free Spins At Online Casino
  • Casino, Lotto & Bingo
  • Swish deposit
Scandibet casino logo


  • Without Account
  • Betting & Casino
  • Viking theme
turbo vegas logo Online Casino Without Account

Turbo Vegas

  • Online Casino Without Account
  • Turbocharged outlets
  • With Trustly & Zimpler

How to find tax free casino

There are several effective ways to find out if you can play without paying taxes or not. For the absolute waterproof answer, ask the casino directly. You can usually contact them via chat, but otherwise email and phone also work well. This way you get an answer from the absolute safest source.

To avoid tax
If you want accurate, fun and tax free casinos, you should follow the following.

  • Swedish license
  • License within the EU

Furthermore, you can also choose a casino in our top list above. There we have listed and only recommend casinos with a license, which means that you can play tax-free. So if you win money from a casino chosen by us, you do not have to worry at all. Just to withdraw the money and enjoy.

We distinguish tax-free casinos

When it comes to choosing a casino with tax-free winnings, it is quite simple. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people who do not have a license. It is difficult to distinguish sometimes, but for those who make a little effort and read, it is easy to find. That is why we always state in a casino review whether the casino is licensed or not.

It has recently opened up an interest in just casino without license. As mentioned earlier, these casinos have an uncertainty about whether you should pay tax or not. In addition to this aspect, there are actually some benefits for you as a player.


Tax-free casinos with the MGA license

If you want to ignore our reviews and find out for yourself if the casino is tax free or not. Yes, then we recommend that you look for the symbols that can be found at the bottom of each game page. Either you will find one that symbolizes the game inspectorate or MGA. These are two symbols that the casino is licensed in Sweden or Malta.

List at the gaming inspectorate

All casinos that are licensed, and with that can give you tax-free winnings are collected on the gaming inspectorate's website. It is updated frequently and you can go in every day and check if a specific casino is still entitled to tax-free winnings.

Of course, it can be a bit complicated as the licenses are not always directly linked to a casino, but several people can share them..

Is Ninja Casino Tax Free?

No! Ninja Casino is not licensed in Sweden and can therefore not offer its players tax-free, legal and safe online gaming. The reason why many players ask is that the gaming company lost its license in early 2019. They were the first casino to have their license revoked due to dubious actions.

Questions about tax-free profits

✅ The big question - do you have to tax at the casino?

No! Casino is classified as a game where chance decides. And such games are not taxable in Sweden according to the Swedish Tax Agency. This applies to all Swedish casinos with a Swedish license. A casino with a Swedish license always has a symbol from the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate at the bottom of its website.

✅ Can I play tax free at a casino with an MGA license?

No! A casino with an MGA license (from Malta) can not offer you tax-free play since 1 January 2019.

Skatte Which tax-free casinos are best?

The best tax-free casinos are the ones that offer you decent terms, a good bonus and easy deposits. You find the best in our top list.

✅ Can I be taxed on old profits?

Prior to January 1, 2019, all winnings at MGA Casinos (Malta) were tax free. Your previous winnings at these casinos cannot be taxed afterwards.

Deep diving at tax-free casinos & licenses

If you are interested in the various licenses, either because you want to start your own gaming company or are just curious about what the casino industry looks like, here is more in-depth information about the various licenses. itself does not have any of these licenses, but only compares those that have so that you can get a good overview of the entire market..

All gaming licenses today
List of active gaming licenses in the world right now.

  1. Sweden, Lottery Inspectorate
  2. Malta Gaming Authority, GMA
  3. United Kingdom Gambling Commission, UKGC
  4. Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  5. Alderney
  6. Curacao
  7. Denmark

Sweden is tax-free

From 1 January 2019, it will be possible to obtain a license from the Lottery Inspectorate in Sweden. It has been talked about for a long time and now it is time for the deregulation of the monopoly. Applying for a license in Sweden costs a certain amount that the gaming company pays. They will then have to pay 18% tax in Sweden on their profits.

The regulation means that rogue players in Sweden will fall away and the big ones will grow more. But other words come too all new casinos which will be launched in the future will most likely have a license from the Lottery Inspectorate.

Spelinspektionen logo

Malta Gaming Authority = Tax-free casinos

Gaming license from Malta's GMA, Malta Gaming Authority, is a very common and popular license. You who play get guaranteed security and good conditions when using casinos with the license here. We have previously talked about tax-free casinos and since Malta is a member of the EU, you do not pay tax on your winnings if a license is from GMA.

3. United Kingdom Gambling Commission - With taxes

From England, a casino can also get its license. Everything is then regulated by the UKGC, United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and this license also has a good reputation in the world. You who play are as safe here as anywhere else. However, something to think about is how it will be with the taxes when England leaves the EU.

4. Gibraltar Regulator Authority - Not tax free

Gibraltar's equivalent to GMA and UKGC is GRA, Gibraltar Regulator Authority. They issue licenses of the absolute highest quality and are sometimes referred to as Malta JR. They for the widespread labor force that exists in Malta in front of Gibraltar.

5. Alderney - Tax on casinos

This island in the English Channel that issues gaming licenses, like the others, is of good quality and you as a player do not have to worry that it is something serious. However, it is not very common for casinos that turn to the Swedish market to use Alderney. However, if you play at English speaking casinos it may be more common and then you are safe. Unfortunately, this island is not part of the EU and you have to pay tax on your profits.

6. Curacao equals tax

An island that was previously part of the Netherlands has now become free and issues good licenses. However, like Alderney, the island has no EU membership and you have to pay tax on your profits. We do not recommend anyone to play at a casino licensed in Curacao. It is then better to stick to those within Sweden and the EU.

7. Denmark

Licenses from Denmark are issued by the Swedish Gaming Authority and are of really good quality. Denmark has previously been in the same scenario as now Sweden is heading into with the regulation of the gaming market. Players in Denmark have to pay for their license and therefore the number of online casinos is smaller than in Sweden.

The Swedish Tax Agency's opinion on tax-free casinos

The Swedish Tax Agency has an opinion on casino games. They clearly write on their website that profits that take place in Sweden are tax-free, while those that come from abroad must be taxed and included in the income tax return. However, this does not apply to countries in the EU area, which, as we mentioned earlier, is something most people do and they are also licensed in these countries. So, stick to Swedish casinos or those with an EU license.

If you were to find a casino and be unsure of its license, it would do nothing if you ignored looking further and playing. This is because it is not illegal to play on these sites. However, there is no government regulator that guarantees fair games and that your winnings are paid out properly.

Declare profits outside the EU

Winnings that occur on gaming sites for Poker, Casino or Betting on gaming sites outside the EU must be included in your declaration. It is therefore not tax-free and the tax authorities must decide how much tax you should pay on your winters.

Just like any other declaration, the information must be correct and it is your responsibility to fill in the correct information. If you have made other losses, e.g. your winnings in games are set off and you can keep your money. The tax you have to pay is paid once a year and is not something that happens automatically. If you want to be sure not to get residual tax you can not pay, you can always save 30% of your profits, both in e.g. real estate and games.

Do not report casino winnings

If you choose not to report your winnings at casinos, it can have major consequences. First of all, the Tax Agency needs to be informed that you have not declared your profits and paid the correct tax. They are done by being tipped off, or receiving other information that indicates that something has not gone right.

Should they start doing an investigation against you and can find evidence that you won money without declaring. Yes, then you will have to pay this tax as well as a penalty fee. We have no information on how much the penalty fee.

Play tax free

The game is tax free and secure as long as the company has a license. In our case, you can be sure that the casino is good and has a license as long as you find it on our website. All casinos on our site are checked and approved. To find the right one online casino is not always easy and we try to create value for you by offering a filtering, review and control of every casino out there.

Gaming license from the Lottery Inspectorate

Common to all tax-free casinos is that they have a license for betting and online gaming with the Lottery Inspectorate. This information is completely new and applies from 1 January 2019. The reason is that there has been a new gaming team in Sweden and there with a new Swedish gaming license. There are very many casinos that have applied for a license in Sweden and very many have also been approved. We strongly recommend that you check out a casino that follows all the rules and you can take advantage of tax-free winnings if the winnings are there.

Do you have to tax at the casino?

It is a simple question that requires a slightly more complicated answer. You generally do not have to pay taxes when playing casino. This applies as long as the casino you play at is licensed in the EU. There are several different licenses around the world, including in Sweden and several within the EU. The answer is therefore that you only need to pay tax if you play at a casino with a license outside the EU.

Conclusion on tax-free online casinos

We understand that it can be perceived as very tricky when it comes to finding tax-free profits online. But, it's not as complicated as it sounds. There is a rule that generally works without you having to worry: play at EU licensed casinos.

How you understand what is within the EU, what is a Swede and other thoughts, you get answers in the text above. It is not something we expect you to be able to remember, but feel free to return to our page if questions arise. The subject has divided players over the years and since 1 January 2019, it has both become clearer but at the same time somewhat confusing.

Good luck in your gaming at non-profit gaming sites!