Should you declare your casino winnings

Every day we get this question from our players: Should you declare your casino winnings? The answer is very often simple and reads: No!

We thought below to explain what different cases there are to declare their winnings. Because that is what determines whether the winnings should be included or not. Depending on how you have won and from which country.

Different cases for declaration of profits

From a Swedish casino with a Swedish gaming license: If you have the game at one Swedish casino With a Swedish gaming license, you never have to worry about declaring or paying tax on your winnings from a casino. Tax on casino winnings does not exist in Sweden.

Winnings from a casino with an EU license: From these casinos you also do not have to pay tax on your winnings. Which means that nothing needs to be included in the declaration. Examples of countries that offer licenses for online casinos are Malta, Curacao and Gibraltar.

Winnings from casinos outside the EU and without a Swedish license: If you have taken home a profit from this form of casino, you must include your profit in the tax return and it will be estimated. How much you should tax depends on but usually around 30%.

Good to think about

If you always want to be on the safe side, we recommend finding gaming companies and casinos from our list tax-free casinos. There we only list licensed and casinos that you do not have to pay profit tax on any winnings. In this way, you can guarantee a safe and good experience without the Swedish state taking part in your profit. Good luck!