3 Popular Slots with High RTP

In the Swedish casino market, there is a plethora of casino games and, above all, slot machines. For those of you who have played the game before and are aware of how a casino and the games work, there may be a desire to find specific games. One we are going to recommend in this article is slots with high RTP.

RTP is an abbreviation for Return To Player and a high RTP means a high repayment. RTP is given as a percentage. A high number is often over 96%. It is important to point out that the number does not tell you how much chance you have of winning but is a percentage of the total bet to slot machines for all players. The percentages that are paid back can also theoretically be paid out to one and the same player.

Popular slots with high RTP

Below is a list of the most popular slot machines with a high RTP according to us lavoixentournee.com. Remember that gambling can be addictive and that you should not gamble for more money than you can afford.

1. Super Flip

Super Flip is a terribly entertaining game from Play N Go 98% RTP. The game is colorful and offers five reels, three lines and twenty different paylines. Volatility is considered a medium. In the bonus game, you get to take part in 15 free spins that generate bigger winnings than usual.

2. Troll Hunters

Troll Hunters (Trolljägarna) is a fun casino game where you simply want to hunt down the trolls. They hide behind the game surface and three trolls will activate the bonus game. Something unusual with this game is its surface which is 5 × 5. The symbols also come descending from above. Troll Hunters have one 98P RTP.

3. Wild North

Wild North is a castle that takes place in the Scandinavian wilderness. The symbols are wolves, moose and owls along with classic card symbols. The whole game consists of 40 winter lines. RTP is like the other slot machines 98%. There are also bonus games, the games are activated through different combinations but there are actually up to 7 different bonus games. It's funny!

Part of Unibet Supercasino

All slot machines above can be found at Unibet Supercasino. It is a part of Unibet that only runs slot machines with RTP over 98%. We see that there are several different gaming companies that create these games or parts of their casino that have higher payouts. The purpose is for players to feel that they have a greater chance of winning, which they actually have.

If you are interested in trying out Unibet Supercasino, we recommend you take advantage of a bonus. You read more about how everything works in our review Unibet.