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Casinofia, a superhero with high ambitions. It all started in this fictional character, a character ready to do something better than anyone else.

The team behind lavoixentournee.com decided to change, operate and develop the comparison market for online casinos for something better. With a flat, fast-moving and challenging organization, we succeeded. Now lavoixentournee.com is something no one could have guessed.

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We will respond as soon as possible. Remember that we are not responsible for each casino and can help you with matters concerning deposits, withdrawals or anything at all about your casino. If, on the other hand, you have comments, tips or anything else concerning lavoixentournee.com, you are warmly welcome to contact us.

What lavoixentournee.com does

We compare online casinos. It's not harder than that. We will provide you as a player with the latest, best and most fun offers and bonuses so that you can fairly and easily choose the right casino according to your wishes. It can be a payment method that suits you, a special game you want to play or because you are looking for the best casino bonus.

This means that we are constantly looking at the market for the latest offers. We also keep track of whether a new casino opens and we talk to the various players about their goals and future plans. This way, we are constantly updated so you do not have to keep track.


Although we do our best to constantly keep track of the latest offers and bonuses, it may be that information is no longer current and unfortunately remains on our site. We do our utmost to prevent this from happening. Therefore, we can NOT take responsibility if any information on our site is incorrect.

Commercial purpose

We are for a commercial purpose, which means that we get paid by the gaming companies that are on our site. Naturally, this affects placement surfaces, but our goal is still for you as a player to find the absolute best gaming site for the desired purpose..


Data collection

The goal is for us at lavoixentournee.com to create as good a portal around online casinos as possible. This means that we must know our visitors to answer the questions they are looking for. One way to get closer and understand the visitors is through data collection. On this page, we present the parts we collect and how you can relate to this.

Your consent

By continuing to use and remain on our website, you agree that we carry out this data collection. If you do not agree, you have the opportunity to leave our website at any time.

Improved experience

We save cookies in your computer so that our website works as optimally as possible. It can e.g. be that images load faster on a return visit. None of the information saved is personal and we know nothing about you as an individual visitor.


A proof of our good work is that the number of visitors increases and that e.g. some information is received in a good way. Therefore, we measure our number of visitors and other parameters. We only do this to measure your own results and nothing that affects you as a visitor.