Narcos slot machine now live at casinos

The acclaimed and fantastic series inspired by Pablo Escobar's life has now become a slot machine. Narcos, as the TV series from Netflix is ​​called, has thus emerged under the name Narcos Videoslot. We have chosen to call it Narcos Slot Machine. Because we actually write reviews for Swedes.

Anyway, this new slot machine has Mexican, cartel and drug-like features. Not in a way that makes it uncomfortable or dirty. But rather just exciting.

An important factor in slot machines is how its function and symbols work. In Narcos you will find classic cards with J, Q, K and A. In addition, there are also airplanes, cars and police badges. In other words, things that you come across in the thrilling series. Wild symbols that can trigger very big wins are in this game the police badge.

In addition to a good and exciting gaming experience, Narcos as a series is very entertaining. We can recommend you who do not want to play slots right now to enjoy the three seasons you get to follow the adventure.

When it comes to choosing the right casino to play Narcos, we have chosen to recommend Turbo Vegas. The reason is that they have bought rights and released the game. Which means you can go in and play now live. In addition to that, you are of course a complete, simple and fun casino with fantastic features such as fast withdrawals and simple design.

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