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Try mobile casino today, play casino directly in your phone or tablet. All casinos adapted for modern mobile phones in one place. Find the best mobile casino April 2021 in our list.

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Good mobile casino

Many people wonder - what is it really and what is the difference? A mobile casino is a casino that works on the phone. Everything from creating an account, depositing money and playing the available offer. Everything should go as smoothly as possible. Today, 2021, it is no problem to find a casino that works on the phone.

The reason for that is that all is the casino focuses on developing for the phone and tablet first. So, today you can have a better experience on the phone than at the computer.

On this page we will list the best casinos that work in your phone. Thus, Sweden's best mobile casino. We only recommend casinos that follow the rules and requirements set for casinos in Sweden.

Best mobile casino 2021


888 casino logo Mobile casino bonus: 100% At SEK 100

888 Casino

  • Mobile casino bonus: 100% At SEK 100
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
Campobet logo Hot mobile casino


  • Hot mobile casino
  • Casino & Betting
  • Quick registration
playtoro casino logo Mobile casino with Play N 'Play

PlayToro Casino

  • Mobile casino with Play N 'Play
  • New Casino
  • 2500+ Top games
Chanz casino logo mobile casino with Play N 'Play


  • mobile casino with Play N 'Play
  • Direct registration
  • Withdrawal within 5-10 minutes
yoyo Casino logo Mobilcasino

Yoyo Casino

  • New Mobile Casino with Play N 'Play
  • New Casino - New license
  • Easy registration
bethard logo Mobilcasino


  • Cruel mobile experience
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
Race Casino logo Mobilcasino

Race Casino

  • Play N 'Play mobilcasino
  • Casino Without Account
  • Quick withdrawals with Trustly
Fastbet Casino logo Mobilcasino


  • Pay And Play casino and mobile
  • Betting & Casino
  • Withdrawals with Trustly
no account bet logo Mobilcasino

No Account Bet

  • Betting & casino in mobile
  • Casino without account
  • Betting & Casino
CasinoCasino logo Mobilcasino


  • 100% UP TO 100 SEK
  • Quick registration
  • Casino & Lotto


Find the right casino on your mobile

When you are going to find the right casino for your mobile, there are several aspects that are important to consider. First and foremost, you need to find a casino that works on your phone. But since almost everyone does it today, you do not have to think too much about it.

We think instead you should focus on the opportunity and other important aspects such as. casino bonus. The bonus will determine how much money you bring in and get to try playing casino with your mobile. Many deposit only SEK 100-200 at first.

Which is definitely not a problem but you do not get enough time to try all the casino's fun games. Therefore, the bonus allows you to play extra. Something that we can also pay attention to today is that more and more people mobile casinos without a Swedish license added to the market.

Why casino on the phone?
Many people like to play casino directly on the phone because then you can do it on the bus, on the subway or on the couch. You do not need to connect or turn on the computer to play but can easily just lift the phone out of your pocket.

  1. Availability
  2. The agility
  3. Extra fun

Mobile bonus

To choose the best and right mobile casino, we recommend you take one with a big bonus. Getting a bonus is always a good idea and can make you play much longer, and then you can win bigger.

Each bonus has certain rules and conditions attached to it. One such thing is e.g. turnover requirements. Remember to check this if you want to be able to withdraw the money quickly without playing for long.

Mobile casinos and regular casinos all have the same bonus. There is no gaming company that will give you more bonus for coming from a mobile phone or computer.

Mobile casinos with the same range of games

The next step is to find the mobile casino that offers a good range of games. You can always read about the range of games in our reviews of each gaming company. At a mobile casino there is always the same game as at a casino if you enter via the computer. All games are customized to your device and you do not need to make any settings.

This means that you can play Live Casino, Black Jack, Roulette and Slots at a mobile casino. Every casino games looks the same on the phone as on the computer and the chances of winning are always the same. Nothing really affects which device you use.

New mobile casinos

new mobile casinos

New mobile casinos are really a hot potato on our page about mobile casinos, you can find all the information we have about games on a mobile. Since the online market is always changing and adapting to trends and new technology, it would be foolhardy for online casinos not to adapt to mobile gaming.

New casinos must really adapt if they want a chance to enter the market as a large part of the internet traffic takes place via mobile. We all know how frustrating it can be to surf into a website, for example, and that it is not adapted for mobile. Fortunately, the norm today is that many people play online with their mobile phones.

Checklist for new mobile casinos

  • Adaptation for mobile casinos
  • No page scrolling in the mobile for casino sites
  • Visible buttons on the casino
  • Easily navigated for mobile at the casino
  • Casino sites must not forget computers as well

New technology for new mobile casinos

New technology for new casinos is something we should all keep an eye on, as we have seen a big increase in how, for example, Live casinos are available and how VR glasses have affected the entire internet industry.

The mobile phone was just the first step into the future. We see how a big change will only happen in the next few years. What a time you live in! Mobile gaming is here to stay, and Fia slavishly follows how development will take place in the future.

How mobile casinos work

You may have wondered how the mobile adaptation actually works. It is not entirely natural that a large, broad website should fit and be useful in a phone or toad. We therefore thought we would thoroughly go through how it can be done.

For the sake of simplicity, we distinguish between computer and telephone. Actually, there are several different devices and appliances to use in between. But, if we only have two variants, the adaptation works like this.

An image that is 600 pixels wide, pixels is a measure most often used in computer language. The images then get a setting that if the device used is below e.g. 700 pixels wide, the image will be 300 pixels wide. Ie. half the size of a telephone.

In this way, you can give different elements such as texts, images and menus special rules for how they should behave in an environment where the screen has a certain size. At all mobile casinos today, this is done manually by a developer with very good knowledge in the subject.

Mobile Casinos 2021

mobile casinos

Mobile casinos adapted for different devices

A really good mobile casino is today adapted to several different devices. Some have even started using their own apps that you can download in the AppStore or equivalent for Android.

Mobile casino for iPhone

All operators and casinos on the market are developing their casinos to work in an iPhone. This is because many users play via just in iPhone. To say that a casino is a mobile casino and at the same time work in their iPhone is of course the same thing.

We never recommend any casinos that do not have an iPhone as a function. If you instead have an android or other phone, we can not guarantee that it works. However, it is of course something the casinos are developing for and a mobile casino should work with Android.

A popular casino that has focused extremely much on developing just for the iPhone is Pelaa Casino, their development team is said to be the best in the world on development for iOS.

Mobile casino for iPad

If you want to play casino in your iPad or tablet, it works just fine. A casino that is adapted for mobile, ie a mobile casino, works well in an iPad or Tablet as well. This way, you can easily and fun enjoy some games and casino from your tablet.

Some casinos also have apps for their casinos, but the most common is that you just surf to a Swedish casino's website and then it is automatically adapted for your device, ie the tablet..

Apps for mobile casinos

Certain online casinos chooses to develop apps for their casinos. We think this was very popular in previous years, but in 2020 and guaranteed in 2021, it will not be as popular anymore. Users and players no longer download apps to the same extent, which means that a casino that is not developed for the browser in the phone can lose people.

We therefore believe that all casinos in the mobile will focus on the browser instead of apps in the future. This does not mean that the apps will disappear as it has quite a few users today.

Casino and mobile

Our entire site is about the topic and casino for mobile and many are wondering how it actually works. We have probably all seen the commercial where one of the characters does not understand how everything fits. How the world's largest casino can even exist on earth.

But, even there, the crux is that mobile casino is the solution. Some of our players and visitors have heard from us and been wondering what this in turn is for something. Some believe that casino mobile is a form of technical solution, just like a tablet. That is absolutely not the case.

There is no casino mobile as a device. Without what is meant is that you play casino on your mobile. So your regular mobile phone. There, surf into the casino just as usual, but on the phone. Some casinos also have apps but it is becoming more and more unusual.

Mobile Casino FAQ

✅ Do I need to create a separate account to play at a mobile casino?

No! No separate account is required and you simply log in via the phone instead of via the computer.

Mycket A lot of data is used when playing at a mobile casino?

No! The use of mobile data in connection with games is very small. We do not think the saving of data should stop you from playing.

✅ Which mobile casino is best?

You will find all good mobile casino for casino on the phone this spring top list. There we have reviewed, reviewed and ranked them according to which ones are absolutely best.

✅ What is a mobile casino without registration?

A mobile casino without registration uses Bank ID to verify your identity quickly. That way, it feels like you never get registered and can play in minutes.

✅ Who has the best casino app?

Oops, difficult question! It varies. Whether you use an app or a custom website, you get the best mobile experience from the casino at the top of our top list.

✅ Is the mobile slot machine a mobile casino?

That's right. They launched just when games on the phone began to become popular and chose a name that clarified that they adapted their website to mobile phones.

What is a mobile casino?

A mobile casino is a casino where you can play directly on your phone or toad. The casino adapts its website to smaller screens and you still get a good experience.

Benefits of mobile casino

Playing on the phone has several benefits. It is important to remember that, otherwise no one would have been interested. And had no one been interested, then there would have been no mobile-adapted casinos at all.

Below we will highlight two major and important benefits of playing on the phone. If you have more important points of view, do not hesitate to contact us and we will raise them in the future..

Accessibility with mobile casinos

The first, and absolutely overwhelming advantage, is that you can play anywhere, anytime. Many people enjoy playing on the bus or subway back and forth from work or other activities. Before, this has not been possible and players have had to sit at home at the computer to play their favorite game.

Extra fun

Yes, believe it or not. But playing on the phone is extra fun. The reason is that several mobile casinos have today adapted their website and games so much that the experience is better on the phone. In this way, the experience becomes extra fun and you get the best gaming experience there. However, it should be remembered that the computer still works at least as well.

Facing the future with mobile casino

Whether it is casino games or other markets, mobile is the future of people's activities on the internet. We firmly believe that the mobile phone will in the near future outclass the computer with internet traffic.

Already now, as I said, the mobile phone accounts for about half of all traffic. Some countries have more than others, but in general, mobile accounts for half. This will only become more and more common. Fia loves to play on her mobile phone, as I said, it is extremely flexible!


To summarize our survey of mobile-adapted casinos, we can say one thing, the majority adapt their pages today. Generally, you do not have to worry about which device you are playing on. The advantages of a mobile casino are the accessibility and that today it is extra fun, as these casinos focus more on you than on the users we computer.