Lotto online

Play lotto online at several different Swedish gaming sites with lotto games online. Buy tickets online at the best lottery site 2021.

Important: In several of the lottery pages listed below, betting occurs on the outcome of various international and Swedish lotteries. This is called lottery betting or online lottery betting. It's not the same as playing at the lottery organizer.

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Lotto online 2021

lotto online
There are several different sites for playing lotto online. Previously, Swedes really only had one choice and that was at state Swedish games. Since the turn of the year, several other players have taken their place and started offering other types of lottery games. This way, you can discover new fun variations of lotto. On this page we will explain more about what lotto is, how and where you play it and other important aspects to think about.

Lotteries work so that you as a player purchase a number of numbers, self-selected or randomly selected. Then an operator will arrange a draw where a certain number of correct numbers that are matched gives a certain profit. The layout of lotteries varies and it can then be the number of numbers in total and the number of numbers correctly that differ.

To win a lot of money, you need to get everyone right. The largest win ever paid out by a lottery is SEK 6 billion. To be part of that draw, you need to turn to an international operator where several million players are involved and test their turn in the game.

Best lottery sites online

The best lottery sites online right now in our list.

Speedy Lotto logoSpeedy LottoBuy ready-made Lottery packages
multilotto logoMultilotto5 Free Lottery Lines
million lottery logoThe million lotterySubscription lottery with a nice winning plan
paf casino logoPaf LottoPlay Boss The Lotto
Swedish games logoSwedish Games TourClassic Lotto, Triss, Keno18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play responsibly | Stö

How to play lotto online

Play lotto online

Basically, lotto is a very simple form of play but it is not always easy to understand. Many Swedes are used to going to an agent and ticking the note and then adding their favorite numbers. Now more as online lottery is becoming more common, alternative and slightly different processes and variants are opening up to be part of a draw.

Below is an explanation of the different steps you can take to participate in an online draw through some of the recommended lottery pages in the list of.

1. Choose a lottery site and lottery

The first thing to do is choose a lottery site. We have recommended the absolute best in the list above. You can take the opportunity to pick up a lottery bonus that gives you extra games for the same money. This way, you can participate in several draws and increase your chances of winning. Options on lottery sites can be Lottoland, MultiLotto and Svenska Spel.

Once you have chosen a lottery site, it is time to choose which lottery to participate in. The most famous is "Lotto" which Svenska Spel arranges. But, there are several other fun variations such as. Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions and Cash 4 Life.

2. Choose your lottery numbers

The next step is to select a number of numbers. The classic "Lotto" from Svenska Spel is about seven numbers. For example. at Mega Millions that you can play at MultiLotto, there are five numbers to choose from. You can choose completely freely depending on how many numbers there are, so no numbers can be taken by someone else.

If you do not have any turn numbers, you can always select some at random or leave the default numbers.

Quick explanation
How to play lotto online through your computer or phone.

  1. Select page and game
  2. Select turn number
  3. Determine the number of rows
  4. Select the desired period

3. Add additional lottery lines

Your selected numbers in the step before correspond to a line. A line is a combination of numbers that you are in and have a chance to win in the lottery. You can always play several lines and thus pay for each. For example. so a line in classic Swedish lotto costs three kronor, while a line in Mega Millions costs 20 kronor at the time of writing.

4. Play the lottery online for the intended period

Finally, you should choose during which period your line should be played. It is possible to add subscriptions, which means that your line is played and renewed every month. How often a lottery has a draw varies but it is often between 2 times a week to each day. To then buy a subscription for a month means that your line is involved and play between 8 to 30 times in a month.

Of course, you can only play one line at a specific time. Finally, you must complete the payment and then your line is laid. This means that you are in the next draw and have a chance to win money if the turn comes.

Questions and answers about online lottery

✅ Can I play lotto for free?

Yes! Sometimes there are offers to test with a free line. Keep an eye on our top list for these offers.

✅ There are more pages than Svenska Spel?

Obvious! Nowadays, you can play lotto online at several different sites and companies. It can even be more advantageous than at SvS. Right now we recommend a new site that offers subscription: Speedy Lotto.

✅ You only play on Wednesdays?

No! You can take part in a draw every day.

✅ Is it more fun to be part of a draw in another country?

It can definitely be more fun! Larger countries have more players and therefore the profits are greater. We may think that's a pretty funny reason.

✅ What is Lottoland?

A very popular site is called Lottoland. It's a place where you can bet on draws from all over the world.

✅ How do I correct my lottery line?

Each lottery line is now linked to a gaming account. You can therefore always log in to your account and check if the line has made any profit. You can also find the right line at each lottery site.

Lotto bonus

Just like with one online casino You can get a bonus on your first deposit with a gaming company that arranges lotteries. It is a gift that gives you more to play for and is called the lotto bonus. This way, you can have a longer and more enjoyable playing time and the gaming site can show more of its range of games and various functions before your money could possibly run out, if the win is not forthcoming..

Deposit bonus for online lotto

A deposit bonus when you play the lottery works so that you get your deposit increased by the side. For example. then you get a 100% bonus, your deposit of 100 kronor will then be 200 kronor where 100 kronor is your bonus money. Right now you can get such a good lottery bonus at MultiLotto.

Free lottery line

You can also play the lottery for free if you come across a so-called free line. Several lottery sites offer this form of offer so that you can test the feeling and excitement of playing the lottery. To find free offers you do in our top list. There we will always update as soon as a few free lines appear.


As we mentioned earlier, a very popular variant is to play the lottery through subscriptions. You then pay a fixed amount and participate in several draws per month. It can also give you good discounted prices on your lottery draws. Anyway, an equally popular bonus is the one where you get to try out what it's like to have a subscription. At a very favorable price.

Lotto result

Every week, there are several hundred draws at various lotteries and sites online. It can be a bit tricky to keep track of all the different results. Fortunately, there are several eminent and talented pages that summarize the results every day.

Our best tip for you is to surf to the page where you have played, and check your line by correcting it directly on the game account. You then do not need an external party or double check any numbers.

lotto result

Lotto online in Sweden

famous lotteries online
When you mention online lotteries in Sweden, many people associate it with well-known lotteries. These are often known for their extreme winnings and the extremely small probability of succeeding in winning. But in some strange way, it's something that drives us humans. Going from zero percent chance to 0.00001% is still a chance.

Below we will mention and tell some funny stories about the most popular lotteries that you may have heard about before. We hope you find it interesting and are inspired to dare to play in one of the international lotteries offered on some of the lottery sites we recommend.

Lotto online with Powerball

Powerball is an American lottery and the first draw was held in 1978. The lottery previously had the name Lotto America but the name was changed in 1992 to the current one. The lottery is best known for its huge jackpot which is the largest in the world. The jackpot never goes below $ 40 million (annually), which clarifies what huge sums can be won.

To play, choose 5 numbers between 1 and 69 plus another Power-ball between 1 and 26. The probability of winning is then 1 in 24 and to win the jackpot, the odds are 1 in 292 201 338. Participating in a draw costs $ 2 plus $ 1 to buy for Power-ball. To play with Multilotto costs SEK 35, which then corresponds to the exchange rate plus any fees.

Mega Millions lotto online

Another very famous and also American lottery is Mega Millions. Players like the lottery because of the possibility of a very large jackpot, in fact the world's largest before Powerball tricked the site. The draws began in 1996 under the name The Big Game but then changed their name to the current Mega Millions.

The draws are on Tuesdays and Fridays in the USA, more precisely in Atlanta, Georgia where the TV studio is housed. To participate, you must choose five numbers between 1 and 70 and a Mega Ball between 1 and 25. The price for a draw is 30 kronor and the American time corresponds to 05:00 Wednesday and Saturday for Swedes.

EuroJackpot online lottery

For those of you who have played a lot of lotto with agents or online via Svenska Spel, you are probably familiar with Eurojackpot. This European lottery is a collaboration between several gaming companies and came to the Swedish market via Svenska Spel 28 January 2013. You can now find it in over 18 countries. Like many other international and cross-border lotteries, the winnings can be very large.

The draws take place in Finland and take place on Fridays at 21.00 (Swedish time). To participate in the game, choose 5 numbers between 1 and 50. In addition, you also choose an extra number between 1 and 10. The biggest win distributed in the EuroJackpot is SEK 840 million and the probability of winning that jackpot is 1 in 95 million . The price for participating in a draw costs SEK 25 with one line, ie with five numbers.

Gold Lotto online

One that may not be as well known but absolutely fun as we want to include in this list is Gold Lotto. Here you can win gold instead of money. Of course, gold is worth the money. In advertising campaigns, the term Gold Rush is used and we completely agree. The big win with everyone right in your line is 10 kg of gold, you have even then the bonus feature you can win 1 ton of gold.

To play, choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49 plus a bonus number between 1 and 42. A line of numbers costs only SEK 15, which can be considered relatively cheap compared to what other well-known lotteries cost..



Lotto betting

You may have heard the term betting before. It's a form of betting between you and a gaming site. This usually happens at sports or other nationwide events. Lotto betting is a variant that is similar to it, instead of betting on the result of a football match, you bet on the result of a lottery.

What does lotto betting mean?

Buying a lottery line from reputable lotteries to participate in their lottery can be tricky. Sometimes there is the company or gaming company that arranges the competition abroad and does not accept your payment. Therefore, it has come to companies that allow you to bet on the results of a lottery through lotto betting and thus allow you to participate in competitions around the world.

Is it common with lotto betting?

Yes! Almost all Swedish companies that arrange lotto online use lotto betting so that you can participate in e.g. American PowerBall. As you may understand, the money is not paid out by the American gaming company but by the Swedish one.

lotto betting online

Odds at lotto online

The probability of winning the absolute biggest win in an online lottery varies. The most common for Swedish players are the classic Lotto and the European game EuroJackpot. Over the years, players have tried to study statistics with the most drawn numbers and the like. Our tip is not to use these statistics but instead only rely on the tour. Check the odds below to see your chance of winning the lottery.

Famous lotteries odds:

Svenska Spel's Lotto (7 correct) 1: 6 724 520
Lotto Dream Win (7 + 2 right) 1: 337 915 578
Joker (7 correct) 1: 10,000,000
EuroJackpot (5 + 2 right) 1:95 344 200
EuroMillions (5 + 2 right) 1: 139 838 160
Powerball (5 + 1 right) 1: 292 201 338
MegaMillions (5 + 1 right) 1: 258 890 850

Double check your lottery terms

To start rounding off the entire section on online lottery, we just want to point out that you should always check the rules and conditions offered in connection with you downloading an offer or starting a subscription for lotteries. We have heard examples of horror where you have stuck to subscriptions that are tricky to get out of.

Of course, you have then approved something without really knowing. No one is looking to fool you, just keep up to date. Offers can just as well be that they have maximum winnings, time limits or other things that affect you negatively in the event of a large lottery win. There is nothing we say to discourage you, just that you should be vigilant.

Summary of lotto online

Finally, we want to summarize this wonderful form of gaming. Online lottery is relatively new and will grow significantly in Sweden in the coming years. A by-product of the licensed Swedish market is the interest in, among other things casino without Swedish license. The reason for this is due to the lack of various restrictions such as bonuses and deposit limits, this then also applies to lottery games.

In the United States, the lottery is extremely large and many have several lines a week. If you want to take part in this excitement, you will find the best lottery sites in our top list.

Then consider if you want an offer. Because there are several variants that you as a new player can take part in. The same applies to you carefully checking the conditions that come to mind.

Should you be unsure how it works to get started, we recommend reading the guide above where we step by step go through how to get started easily. Finally, good luck with your lottery play!