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Undoubtedly optimal combination for those who want to play free casino for real money without betting. Everything you need to know about casinos that are free in 2021.

free casino

Play free casino 2021

Through free offers you can play free casino. We usually call this bonus form the most desirable and coveted bonus. Through free money or free spins, directly upon registration and without a deposit requirement, you can test the offer and what the casino has to offer.

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Our site contains the absolute latest and most updated offers for free casino 2021. We recommend you to find a good offer in our top list. Take a casino where you do not already have an account.

Then click on the button that directs you to visit the casino. Once there, you create an account, and vips. So are your free spins or free money on your gaming account. If you already have an account with one of the gaming companies we list, you can always search for other casinos with bonuses or other good offers on our site.

We always keep lists, pages and other guides updated so you can find one casino 2021 that fits you. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions - we at Casinofia are there for you.


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All casinos that offer free spins or free money without deposit.

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What is free casino?

Free casino is when you can play real casino without making a deposit. You get either free spins in slot machines or free money deposited into your gaming account. You always get your free casino offers when an account at the casino is created.

What is a free casino?

Try free casino games

The story behind free casino money comes from the fact that online casinos wanted to stand out compared to land-based casinos. At first, many people had a hard time trusting the casinos that appeared online.

Therefore, it was realized that it is possible to give out free money so that people dare to try and finally realize that it is a safe and secure place to gamble. And as it has worked, online casinos have exploded in recent years.

Free money at a casino has remained and today most players have already tried to play online but instead use free casino as a way to test is a casino.

Take advantage of free casino

For those who have played a lot, this form of bonus is nothing new. But we have written all the information below for you as a new player and want to understand simply and thoroughly how to take advantage of free casino.

If you have played a lot before and are an experienced player, you can read our in-depth guide at the bottom of the page. There you can read more thoroughly about turnover and certain requirements for your free money.

To begin with, we will write about why, how and when you can play at a free casino.

What is free casino games?

Playing free casino can mean two things. The first option is that you get a so-called casino bonus no deposit (directly upon registration). It can contain either free spins or free money. The other option is to play for play money, so just for fun.

If you have received free spins as a bonus immediately upon registration, you have an opportunity to play free casino. This means that you will get a certain number of spins in a slot machine. These spins have the same probability of winning as any other spin.

With some of these spins you can choose freely while others can be linked to a specific slot machine. Many people prefer this type of bonus and therefore comparisons, information and offers with free spins are very popular on the internet. We have dedicated an entire page about free spins.

Bonus without deposit

A no deposit bonus is the gift you receive when you create an account. So registration is your effort and what you get paid for. No deposit bonuses often include a few spins or cash.

We have explained a lot as the difference between this form of bonus and free casino is non-existent.

100 kr free casino

Many players are looking for offers that give SEK 100 free without deposit. It is a good money for you who want to try playing both slot machines and blackjack. Unfortunately, this type of bonus has become somewhat rarer in recent years and the market is not immediately crowded. However, the benefits are many, you just create an account at the casino and get SEK 100 free casino without deposit.

Nowadays, we recommend you instead to actually deposit 100 kronor and then use a bonus to the max. One such good example is 888 Casino which offers 250% plus 25 FS on SEK 100 deposited. read more about 888's bonus or find more casinobonusar.

Free money deposited in your account

The most lucrative offer according to many is that the casino deposits money into your gaming account. These are often sums such as SEK 50, SEK 75 and SEK 100. Even in some unique cases, you can get as much as SEK 500. This money can only be used when registering a new account so many people are trying to explore the market for new Swedish casinos and casinos you have not previously been registered at.

The fact that the money is deposited in fixed amounts benefits you as you can choose how the money is to be played with. Free spins are directly linked to slot machines and with free money you can play e.g. SEK 50 Black Jack and then SEK 50 slots.

Spin slot machines on pretend

Another substitute for free casino to play on slot machines with play money. Then you just fill in how much money you want and then just drive.

It is also a good alternative for testing on slot machines, but of course takes away the excitement and half the fun of the casino. Many people play for the excitement and that tickling feeling you get when a win comes up.

On the other hand, many people say that just unconditionally spinning on the couch at home gives a certain calm and about the same satisfaction as playing computer games.

This is very positive and many need to learn to relax in today's society, if then casino can contribute with it, play money is a good alternative.

Free casino money 2021

The maximum experience for many players is to get free casino money. We understand the attraction and longing for this money. It's money you get for free and can play however you want at a casino.

Sometimes this money is linked to turnover requirements, but that does not make the experience less fun. Finding free casino money 2021 is slightly more difficult than before. Casinos have been careful about giving out free money in connection with the regulation.

The best offer we have for our players right now is 888 casino which offers 50 free spins directly upon registration.

What casino money you can get
Free casino means that you get money from your casino to play for.

  1. Free spins (eg 20 pcs)
  2. Free money (eg SEK 100)
  3. Bonuses once you deposit money
  4. Cashback (you get your money back when you lose)

Free casino games

Your money is not tied to anything special casino games but can be used in both slot machines such as roulette and blackjack. You should of course choose the game you think is most fun when you play online or visit a land-based casino.

The most popular games today are slot machines, blackjack, roulette and bingo. The disadvantage of choosing casino games completely free may be that some games require higher amounts and are more difficult to just try. Black Jack e.g. is a difficult game if you do not know the rules and are confident in how to play.

For the same reason, many people choose to play slot machines as it is easiest to get started. You just choose a casino game that appeals and seems fun. Then you select a bet that suits your purpose and press the play / spin button. Then just hope for the best.

Free casino and real money upon registration
Free casino means that you get casino money from your casino against a registration.

Why you should get a bonus with free games

Actually, there are two major reasons to pick up a bonus that includes free games. The first is that you should get an idea of ​​an online casino, if it appeals to your gambling and is something you can imagine putting money on.

The second reason is if you want to test a specific slot machine you did not dare to test with your real money. Many people have a favorite game that usually gives good winnings and also appeals to you in other ways.

To sit down and start playing a new slot machine you may need to do properly and then it fits perfectly with free money.

Free casino directly in the mobile phone

Virtually all casino games and casinos today offer you the opportunity to play directly on your mobile phone. So you do not have to worry about the need for a computer connected to the internet to play. Many casinos are now the past only works in the phone which is a completely sick shift to the past.

The benefits of playing directly on the phone are of course that you can play anywhere. The bus, the job, at home and also abroad. The threshold to start playing becomes very low when you can easily pick up the phone from your pocket and start spinning your favorite game.

If you want to maximize and combine free casino with your mobile phone, select a casino from the list above that offers games on your phone. Then you will spin directly on the phone with money you did not even deposit yourself.

Refer a Friend - Get Free Games

Another trick, which is a bit out of place, to play free casino is to recruit a friend. The alternative is not something all casinos offer, but you can easily check it out by contacting customer service or looking among your pages at the casino. It works very easily and is a great way for you to get extra money to play for.

Recruiting a friend works by sending you a link to your friend or family member. Once the person has created an account and deposited money, you will receive a reward in the form of a bonus. It can be both in free spins and in casino money.

No account is often not a free casino

Something that is very popular in 2018 and will continue is casino without account 2020. Players are looking for faster, easier and smoother games. You just want to press in your social security number and code with Bank ID then be in and play.

You will then also experience casinos that focus on simple payment solutions such as Swish, Trustly and Skrill. Just so you can have as smooth an experience as possible. Unfortunately, free casino and casino without an account do not really line up. Many people find that casinos without an account cancel bonuses.

Something positive would be a free casino may be left to greater probability than deposit bonus as casinos still want you to try.

Free casino bonus

There is no such thing as a free casino bonus. One casino bonus you get with a deposit and then the bonus is the money you get extra. However, there are casinos that give gifts or rewards when you open an account.

This money or free spins is sometimes confused with something that players call the free casino bonus. The reason we raise the issue is that many poor players go without these gifts.

If it is the case that you get extra money when depositing, it can also not be called a free casino bonus because the bonus is linked to a wagering requirement..

Frequently asked questions about free casino

✅ It is still possible to find free casinos?

Yes! But it is unfortunately a very limited range. At the time of writing, it only works at PAF. Download 25 FS without deposit here.

🤷‍♂️What is the best of free spins and free money?

We always recommend free money before free spins. Then you can do exactly what you want with the money. However, free spins tend to be more common.

🕵️ How do I choose a good bonus without a deposit?

Always check for that offer at the top of our top list. If it is limited or if you have already picked up such an offer, go for a good welcome bonus instead.

🤔 Can I get free money for casino several times?

No! Offers to play for free are only offered to new players. Which means that if you are not allowed to have an account with the casino before.

🙅‍♂️ Can I recruit a friend to play for free?

Unfortunately not. The offer and the opportunity to recruit friends for free casino is unfortunately not left.

Terms of free casino

FREE CASINO! A great way to explore the gaming market.

There are often some requirements and rules regarding your free money and gift. You will of course be allowed to play free casino but there are certain wagering requirements or maximum winnings that create restrictions when it comes to picking out winnings.

When you choose to withdraw a bonus before depositing, you should be aware that it is an opportunity for an extra spice in life and an opportunity to test what the casino has to go for. Not to win a lot of money.

You should see your opportunity for free casino as something fun and exciting. Maybe something you can tell friends and family about so that they dare to try playing casino. We often talk about casino feelings and maybe all of a sudden you can get the feeling of not investing any of your own money, just playing.

Maximum winnings

A maximum win means a ceiling on how much you can find on your gift. Like a wagering requirement, it puts a limit on your play. In other words, you can not play casino for free and get a Jackpot in Mega Fortune of several hundred million, that is, stop.

In each individual case, of course, it is extremely boring, but on the whole it is healthy. But do not comfort, a maximum win is always a win and even though you will not win millions, you can get away with good money.

It's really about a casino wanting to limit your chances of winning money that is their own. You should only have the opportunity for big wins if you are a real customer who deposits money, like everyone else.

Turnover on your free money

Having a turnover on your money before it can be withdrawn means that you have to play for a certain amount. Many people are generally negative that this requirement for your turnover exists.

We do not really agree and there is always an opportunity to say no to the bonus if you do not like the terms. You should see every bonus you get as what it is, a bonus. Something extra.

Like the maximum winnings, it is a way for the casino to make sure that you do not just use the gift and then withdraw the money immediately. They give you the gift to actually try playing at their casino.

Specific slot machines

If the selected casino gives you free spins, they may be locked into a specific slot machine. What it depends on, we can unfortunately not answer, but you probably choose slot machines that are popular to make you curious. It can e.g. be so that your 20 free spins are locked to Starburst.

A perfect opportunity for you as a player to discover a new slot machine and really think about whether it is something you can imagine playing on in the future. Sure, it takes a while to get into a new slot machine.

But basically, it does not differ much except characters, environments and combinations. It's always about spinning wheels that will fall into place in unique and rewarding combinations.

Is 2019 the year free casino disappears?

There are many rumors that bonuses will be tightened considerably given the new gaming license. We then consider whether the free casino will disappear in connection with this.

You do not have to be generally worried that offers themselves will disappear, but it is unclear in what form it will appear.

It is known that Svenska Spel does not use this form of marketing method and when everyone has to compete on equal terms, it can be that either the companies follow or that SvS starts with bonuses. It is worth thinking about.

If free money were to disappear, we would always keep up to date with news and relevant information. Just free casino is something we have been good to update on and many players are satisfied with the information and offers we present.

The goal is for us to be the best in Sweden in this area, but it requires hard and a lot of work. In conclusion, we would like to thank you, because you read this and help us to continue to do what we do.

Play for free at the casino

As we mentioned above, many were worried about the law in 2019 that changed online gaming in Sweden. There are still ways to play at online casinos. Many offer as a kind of Demo version of different slots that you can take part of.

The game in question is then up to the casino, but it is usually informed when looking at which slots are offered. This is then absolutely more common for casinos without a Swedish license.