3 Popular Slots with High RTP

In the Swedish casino market, there is a plethora of casino games and, above all, slot machines. For those of you who have played the game before and are aware of how a casino and the games work, there may be a desire to find specific games. One we should recommend in this article is slots with high RTP. RTP is an abbreviation… Read more

We launch and open up in England and the Czech Republic

It is with a pleasing tone when writing this news! We will namely launch in England and the Czech Republic. New times, new adventures. The whole team behind lavoixentournee.com is very excited and we are eagerly waiting to get started for real. Our new product is called Amy In connection with the launch in England and the Czech Republic, we choose to… Read more

Unibet updates its logo

A few weeks ago, Unibet came out with some news. The first is that they are starting to offer games to players in the United States, more specifically New Jersey. The second is that in connection with the launch, you also update your logo. Here is a short comment about each update. Launch in the USA Something very interesting in connection with… Read more

Should you declare your casino winnings

Every day we get this question from our players: Should you declare your casino winnings? The answer is very often simple and reads: No! We thought below to explain what different cases there are for declaring their winnings. Because that is what determines whether the winnings should be included or not. Depending on how you won… Read more

Why people are social in bingo rooms

Every day, lots of Swedes play on Bingo sites that can be found online. The reasons are several, but the absolute main reason is that its social impact. In addition, there are of course the challenge, the excitement and opportunities to win as factors. Regardless of the reason why you play or have not tried to play, we will focus hard on why people… Read more

Play new Deal or No Deal at a casino

The well-known program Deal or No Deal has now become a slot machine. With inspiration from "Who wants to be a millionaire" and "The Million Lottery", Deal or No Deal is a TV program that you have been able to watch on TV4. However, the program is very popular and is available in over 30 different countries worldwide. So now it has become a… Read more

Narcos slot machine now live at casinos

The acclaimed and fantastic series inspired by Pablo Escobar's life has now become a slot machine. Narcos, as the TV series from Netflix is ​​called, has thus emerged under the name Narcos Videoslot. We have chosen to call it Narcos Slot Machine. Because we actually write reviews for Swedes. Anyway, this new slot machine has Mexican, cartel and drug… Read more