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Roulette is one of the most classic games of chance in the world. Do as millions of other Swedes and test roulette online directly via phone or computer.

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Roulette online

The game, which is one of the most classic at a land-based casino, has now taken off online. In an online casino room you can play several different types of Roulette and discover a really fun world. Here on our site you will find rules and strategies for the popular game.

Briefly explained the game so that you as a player bet on different numbers. You can also bet on high / low, black / red and several different combinations. The narrower (less likely) your number is to hit, the more money you will get back if you are right.

A dealer then spins a ball a large wheel. The wheel has different numbers. In the end, the ball stops and then the game is decided if you are right or wrong. In case of error, the casino keeps your money and if it is correct, you get paid out.

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Online Roulette

Theory: Roulette and numbers
How much do you really know about Roulette? Here are some points about the numbers:

  1. 37 trades in Europe (0-36)
  2. 38 in the USA (0-37)
  3. Straight up: A number. Odds 35 to 1.

Try Roulette for free

Many people who have never tried roulette online before are a little skeptical of the form of online gaming. At a land-based casino, it is very social and you get a huge feeling of standing at the table. But, we can tell you that. Playing online is at least as fun and exciting.

There is a chance for you to try playing for free online if you are curious. Then you make sure that you look for a bonus directly upon registration that allows you to use your money to play Roulette. All offers to test free casino (including roulette) can be found on our site for free casino.

Two forms of roulette

When you are in a casino, online or land-based, there are two different types of roulette tables to choose from. European and American. There is a pretty big difference for you who actually care about the outcome of your gambling.

European tables have 36 slots while American has 37, which means that the house, ie the casino, has a greater advantage over the players at an American table than at a European one. We therefore recommend playing at a European table to increase your chances of big wins.

Boost your gambling with a roulette bonus

Most online casinos offers Roulette today. This means that you as a player can get a bonus on deposit, it means that you can play for much more than what you deposit at the casino. One casino bonus works so that the casino matches your deposit by a certain percentage.

So, if you insert e.g. SEK 500, you can get more than SEK 1000 to play for. This way you can play more for your money when you take advantage of a bonus. We have made a list above of casinos that offer just Roulette, where you can also take advantage of their casino offer by pressing the button that takes you to the selected casino.

Recovery as a modern game

In recent years, we have seen a huge upswing and increase in the popularity of Roulette. We can not really explain why, except that it is a very entertaining game.

Some we have talked to claim that it has to do with the film culture and that many hours of the game have been rolled out in the country's cinemas. Another may be the growing interest in online gaming.


Roulette casino

Roulette online casino

Rules & terms in Roulette

Playing Roulette is very easy. The game is based on luck and goes so that you bet money on numbers. Then you spin a ball in a roulette table which then stops and falls on a number. If you have played on this number you will win, if not you will lose. You can play a lot with different combinations, but each bet also costs money.

When it comes to betting money / numbers, however, usually divide the game table into two parts, internal and external. On the inside you will find all numbers. There you can choose to play on specific numbers, lines, corners, lines and much more.

Here are all the games on the inside along with the payout:

Single: Selected a specific number. The dividend is 35 to 1.
Split: Two adjacent numbers with a line in between. Dividend is 17 against 1.
Row: Vertical or horizontal row. Dividend 11 against 1.
Corner: Like the split, it is close now but this time four pieces in a corner. Dividend 8 to 1.
Top line: First five numbers on a line. Dividend 6 against 1.
Line: Two lines that together become a line of 6 numbers. Dividend 5 against 1.

Games on the outside along with dividends:

Column: Play 12 numbers in a column. Dividend 2 against 1.
Dozen: You play on 12 numbers, either 1-12, 13-24, 25-36. Dividend 2 against 1.
Red or black: Play in red or black, each number has a color. Dividend 1 against 1.
Even or odd numbers: Play on odd or even numbers. Dividend 1 against 1.
High or low: Bet on the high numbers or low. Divided in the middle. Dividend 1 against 1.

Roulette field

The table you are playing on consists of several numbers and fields. These are the same as what is explained as off-court play. They want black and red, even and odd numbers, high and low but also dozens and columns. To play on these variants, place your money or chips on the fields outside the course, but within the field that symbolizes the desired game.

We at think that these fields are very fun to play in. The probability of winning is much greater but the dividend is unfortunately lower. So it's always a trade-off how hard you want to play.

Roulette online in Sweden & the world

Roulette history

The history of roulette begins in France where the word also means "small wheel". During the 18th century, the game grew and became extremely popular. Many people play it together other classic casino games but at the end of the 18th century, gambling was banned in France. François Blanc is considered the inventor of the roulette wheel with a zero. It is the same man who later founded the casino Monte Carlo.

During the 19th century, the game grew and was introduced in the United States. Here they added another zero and American tables therefore have a double zero. This reduced the chances of winning for visitors. Despite this, the game also became extremely popular in the United States and the casino business soared in the 20th century..

In the 1990s, Roulette also came online and since then the popularity has gained another boost. It is today very easily accessible and players can play directly from the phone. Unlike before, the business is run today completely according to the laws and rules that exist, which makes it very safe to play now compared to the early 20th century.


If we are going to try to make a conclusion and summarize what has been said about Roulette online here on our site, it is not very simple. The game is not as simple as you might first think. It often takes a couple of hours to get started and actually understand exactly how all the elements work.

But, we'll try to give it a try. The game is about you succeeding in selecting a randomly selected number beforehand. To choose the right number, you have the help of several different boxes and other variants that cover more than just one number. Everything takes place on a table where you bet money by placing these on each number you choose to bet on.

The game is very fun and entertaining. You can play both online, ie online and at land-based casinos.