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Adventure games online

We have listed the casinos with the opportunity to play adventure games. An adventure game is so much more than regular slot machines. It's just as it sounds, an adventure between dragons, demons and winning opportunities.

One of the biggest reasons why this form of casino has become popular is the added value and entertainment that the game actually offers. Casino as a product is generally very fun but this new level makes it really exciting as well.

Best casinos with an adventurous theme

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Duelz Casino

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  • Casino duels
  • All popular games
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  • Easy registration
  • Duel & collect points
  • Quick Withdrawals
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Casino Heroes

  • Guaranteed Bonus Round
  • Play N 'Go
  • Quick withdrawals
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GoGo Casino

  • Swipe & Play!
  • With Play N 'Go
  • Swish or Trustly
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Rizk Casino

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  • Play for SEK 200
  • Live Casino


What are adventure games?

According to Wikipedia, adventure games are an overarching theme for games that usually have a strong storytelling element. And we agree. You who play adventure games understand its powerful, almost shaky, consistent feeling of excitement.

Adventure games are based on role-playing games that gained momentum in Sweden in the early 80s. First out was the game Dragons and Demons 1 which was released in 1982. Dragons and Demons then came with three upgrades in 1984, 1985 and 1987.

The combination with casino

Whether you are interested in adventure games in the past or not, adventure games in casinos are something absolutely fantastic. All of us who have tried casino know how thrilling it can be to spin slots but if you add another dimension from adventure games, you get something absolutely fantastic.

This strong story-telling aspect means that you can always go further and along the way also win money.

More popular in 2019 and 2020

Having a gamification or adventure feature in your casino is very important and an incredible added value for the players. Therefore, it will become extremely popular and increase enormously in the coming years. We believe that in the future, this element will be present in everyone casino online. More or less.

Of course, everyone will let in their simplicity and complicate it too much. Something we recommend casinos to add some kind of adventure but also keep it simple. You do not have to go "all-in" directly with all forms of adventure.

More advanced games

In combination with an increased number of casinos with elements of adventure, many games at casinos also become more advanced. This means that you add on several levels and really create an adventure in simpler games such as slot machines.

You as a player then get a completely different gaming experience and it can be how much fun. We have seen how classic TV programs have been transformed into casino games, which is like an adventure.

Casinos that have adventure games as a feature
Many gaming companies today understand the importance of a strong storytelling element and embrace this in the platform's design.

You will find all gaming companies with adventurous elements in the top list above or in the explanatory list below.

Casinos with adventure games

We should not keep on and look too much at trends and what is to come. It's good to focus on the casinos that actually already offer fun adventures and casinos with a special theme.

We will not draw any limit on how much adventure a casino needs to contain but only introduce all the cards. So that you can then read each review.

1. Casino Heroes

This classic adventure casino offers several different worlds where you can discover maps, challenge monsters and play a game within the game. We usually call Casino Heroes the ancestor of online adventure casinos. At present, there are few casinos that can compete with the level of adventure this casino offers.

2. Duelz Casino

The casino that introduced something that is completely unique on the market today. Instead of playing by yourself, you challenge other players in a form of duel. Hence the name Duelz. This of course gives a very fun element to your gaming but also feels more social. This way you can start comparing slot machines with Bingo or other social games.

3. High Roller

Here you have chosen a form of "Gameification" which means that once inside the casino you can take yourself in several different steps. Your journey with the gaming company becomes like a story, which connects to an adventure. Your adventure as a player from start to finish. Along the way, you get many fun challenges and other promotions.