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Different casino games

When you go into one online casino or visit one in e.g. Stockholm has a plethora of different casino games. The most classic games are Black Jack, Slots, Roulette and Bingo. But there is so much more to find. On this page, we have taken on the challenge of informing you about as many games online as possible, which ones are available and how to choose the right one. Read all or part of our text before you start playing at an online casino, if you are not already familiar with it.

Popular categories of casino games:

Top 10 - Best Casino Games (Slots)

Many players like that we review and recommend different casino games. This page is primarily about the different major categories such as Black Jack, Roulette and Live Casino. Slots or slot machines, on the other hand, are by far the most popular game and many players spend a lot of time on it. The reason is of course that it is entertaining but the opportunities for big wins are also there as a golden edge. We will therefore list the absolute best and top 10 best slot machines and casino games in a dynamic and constantly updated list.

starburst logo

1. Starburst

The classic game Starburst is entertaining on a whole new level. Known for its fun bonus game, Starburst is today a big favorite with many players. Here you spin in a theme similar to space and you will get gems and stars in a row to win.

book of dead logo

2. Book of Dead

The slot machine adventure game is Book of Dead. Here you follow an adventurer on an adventure in the desert. Inspired by Indiana Jones, you get the feeling of being in the desert while treasures just fly around you.

mega fortune logo

3. Mega Fortune

The reason why players like Mega Fortune is simple. Here, luxury shines. You as a player are one in the center who gets to drink foam where the Rolex watches are crowded. In addition to the theme and feel, Mega Fortune also offers an extremely progressive jackpot that can provide winnings that change lives completely..

gonzos quest logo

4. Gonzo's Quest

In this popular game you follow to Peru and the Incan. Here they are looking for a lost gold. The game is inspired by a long tradition in Peru and symbols are ancient stones. The stones can then be pulverized and leave room for other boulders for extra large gains.

mega moolah logo

5. Mega Moolah

If you want to go out into nature and see the five big wild animals, Mega Moolah is just the place. Here you spin the savannah and like in Mega Fortune, the winnings can be really big. The reason is again a progressive jackpot that is linked.

jungle spirit logo

6. Jungle Spirit

Here you get to feel the jungle for real. In a leafy environment, the animals have been released and you feel a tension mixed with horror when the roar of the jungle is heard throughout the game. The chances of winning are great and the Wildz game is massively fun.

pink elephant logo

7. Pink Elephants

One of the top 10 most fun games online right now is Pink Elephant. Here you will find, the rare, pink elephant. Together with him, you spin classic symbols mixed with four different meerkats. You read that right, meerkats. We are not sure if Pink Elephants have any direct connection to this animal but the combination is thrilling.

8. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Slos

The slot machine inspired by the classic TV show "who wants to be a millionaire?" is a huge favorite among players. You know the feeling when you sat at home on the couch on a Saturday night and followed the questions and wanted to win money? Yes, it can be obtained directly in the mobile. If you choose one mobile casino of course.

jack and the beanstalk logo

9. Jack and the Beanstalk

Based on the popular saga Jack and the Beanstalk, NetEnt has created a fun slot machine. For many Swedes, the saga is unknown as it has had the most impact in England. Whether you have heard of the story or not, it is entertaining and fun. The boy, Jack, plants seeds in his backyard which he takes up to a castle in the sky. A feeling that can perhaps be described as when you win a lot of money.

secret of the stones logo

10. Secret of the Stones

Here you get a combination of Druid and Stonehenge theme. The combination is very fun. With a simple design, you have managed to keep the focus on the game itself and not everything around. Which unfortunately many slot machines have succeeded with. You have several lines to win and we think you can definitely have a fun time in front of this game.

Top 10 - Classic casino games

In the slot machines below you will find extra large winnings, these are called Jackpot games. The games have progressive and interconnected jackpots that grow over time and only get bigger and bigger.

List of top casino games

  • Slots
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Live casino table
  • Blackjack


#Slot machineJackpotPlay
Mega Moolah ISIS logoMega Moolah ISIS58 886 294 SEK
Mega Moolah logoMega Moolah29 296 546 SEK
Major millions logoMajor Millions50 231 142 SEK
hall of gods logoHall of Gods10 873 222 SEK
Mega Fortune logoMega Fortune17,452,852 SEK
Arabian nights logoArabian Nights5,966,538 SEK

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Casino games for Swedes

We all have memories of fun games. Fia remembers when she was little and rode the Finnish ferry when she snuck in and played on the "slot machines" that were scattered a bit everywhere on the boat. Nowadays, everything is very tightly regulated so this probably does not occur today. The old Jack Vegas machines that can be found in most local pubs in Sweden are regulated with logins and a low maximum ceiling on winnings and deposits. So what's better than simply throwing away your mobile phone and having access to thousands of different games in an instant? not much out of a casino player's eyes. The sacred pilgrimage to Las Vegas is probably included as a dream trip for many people.

But with today's technology, you can get very close to that experience through your mobile or computer. Yippie! No matter what you as a player are looking for, it is always possible to solve nowadays.

Choosing the right online casino game

When choosing a casino game, keep in mind several things. It's about choosing a game you understand, one with good chances of winning and of course one that is fun. Because it's not always about winning lots of money, but you should have the attitude that gambling is something fun and entertaining. But, in order for you to get the right conditions to choose a good game, here are some steps you can think of.

Choose a game easy to understand

There is a pronounced degree of difficulty in all casino games. For those of you who have just started playing or just want to try casino online, there are games that are easier to get started with. Games that are easy to learn are slot machines, also called slots, and Roulette. The reason why these games are simpler than others means that everything is about a coincidence. You just need to understand the structure and design of the games then it's about luck.

Choose a game that requires skill

If you are instead looking for a game where it requires skill to increase your chances of winning, you should play Black Jack or Poker. Black Jack works to beat the dealer with two dealt cards. You should get as close to 21 as possible and have the opportunity to stay or take more cards. And that's where the skill comes in. Poker, which is also a game of skill, each player has the choice to fold, join or raise the bet and there a player can manipulate and control other players and there also the outcome of the game.

Biggest chance of winning

It is important to remember that casino games should be done for fun and not for the primary reason of winning lots of money. But if you look at the biggest chance of winning among casino games, you often talk about RTP. RTP is a measure of how much of the money invested comes back to the players. It is primarily about slot machines and slots but also serves as a measure of other games. Black Jack e.g. is not just about luck but you can influence the outcome of the game with your skill. We therefore like the idea of ​​controlling the game more. But if you want to play slot machines and want to win a lot of money, you should take a slot with a high RTP and large casino jackpot.

The absolute funniest

For us at, the absolute most fun form of casino game is slot machines. It is a game of chance where you get to experience excitement, challenges and the opportunity for big wins. The game is also available in several different forms and themes, which means that there is an incredible variety.

Online casino games

Usually, there is a pretty big difference between online casino games and online casino games. Playing at a land-based casino is very lively and social, you get to feel a real kick and pulse when you place your bets really no matter what you play. There is usually plenty of food and drink at a land-based casino so you can feel like a king. Online casino games are a bit more relaxed as you can play in underwear on the couch. However, it is at least as fun and the kick as big. A combination of land-based and online casino is called Live Casino. Then you play like really stuck at home on the couch.


There really are a plethora of games to choose from. To make it easier for you, we recommend that you select one of the most popular categories and games at the top of our page. Once there, you will get more specific information about different games in that category.

Before we end, it is important that you think about two things. First, the games are constantly evolving. Come back here again when you feel bored and we will surely have updated with the very latest casino game. The other important thing is that you play responsibly, games with money have an opportunity to derail. And we do not wish that on anyone.