Casino without BankID

Take part in all information about casinos without BankID in April 2021. Playing at a casino without BankID entails some disadvantages and possible risks. Read carefully before you decide to play poker, bingo or betting without identification via BankID.

casino without bankid

Play casino without BankID

In the past year, the use of BankID has increased enormously. All possible cases that previously required a physical endorsement or you to remember user information have been replaced with this simple verification. The same when it comes to casino, you simply click on a gaming page in a matter of seconds without any other information.

Unfortunately, this has left out the people who do not use BankID for various reasons when it comes to games. Playing at casinos without BankID is today directly linked to unlicensed gaming, it is because BankID must be offered. Offered in any case at licensed casinos.

Gambling at a casino without BankID is not recommended

This page contains all conceivable information on the subject and if you have any questions, the answer is guaranteed to be here. We can already warn against gambling at casinos without BankID, precisely because these are casinos without a Swedish license.

Casinos without BankID 2021

This is a list of examples of casinos without BankID that will be on the market in 2021.

#🎁 Bonus / offer✅ BenefitsÖk Visit
schnellwetten casino logo Pay N' Play<br> Gaming companies without BankID
  • Pay N 'Play
    Gaming company without BankID
  • Unlicensed
  • With Trustly
  • Casino & Betting
  • European License (tax-free profits)
emojino casino logo Casino utan BankID<br> with Pay N 'Play
  • Casino without BankID
    with Pay N 'Play
  • casino without license
  • With Trustly
  • Play N 'Go
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)
Fun88 casino
With BankID
  • Trustly without registration
    Without BankID
  • Without account
  • With Trustly
  • 100 Free Spins
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)
scatters casino logo Spelbolag utan BankID<br> € 25 risk-free bonus
With BankID
  • Gaming company without BankID
    € 25 risk free bonus
  • With Trustly
  • Jackpot Games
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)
Rant casino logo Bettingsida utan BankID<br> 100% up to € 1000 bonus
With BankID
  • Betting page without BankID
    100% up to € 1000 bonus
  • With Trustly
  • Thousands of games
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)
Mount Gold Casino logo Zimpler utan BankID<br> 10% cashback every week
With BankID
  • Zimpler without BankID
    10% cashback every week
  • Pay N 'Play
  • Zimpler Instant Banking
  • NetEnt
  • MGA License (tax-free profits)

Casino without mobile BankID

play casino without mobile BankID verification

According to the Swedish regulations when it comes to online gaming, each player must be identified and linked to a gaming account. This is to be able to more easily control their gambling responsibility and counter money laundering (AML).

To then play casino without a mobile BankID means that you play at one casino without Swedish license. It has obvious disadvantages, but we think it is important that you read clearly before proceeding.

Play casino without mobile BankID

As I said, there are a number of disadvantages when you want to play casino without a mobile BankID. One of these disadvantages is that you do not get the chance to be able to shut down via Game Break. At the same time you are missing out on important tools that can keep track of your gambling should it go to an exaggeration.

Of course, there are also advantages to playing casino without BankID. Some of these are mostly about the various restrictions introduced with the license. For games without BankID, for example, there are no deposit limits, bonus limits or deposit ceilings, which many casino players consider to be a major obstacle..

Deposit without BankID via e-wallets / cards

To make a deposit to a casino without BankID, you need to either use an e-wallet or a card. Classic e-wallets are Skrill and Neteller. To be able to use any of these, it is required that a person must open an account with one of these, through a simple registration process.

Then a deposit is made to the wallet, and then from the wallet a deposit to a casino. Skrill has a simple function called 1-tap-pay, where you can add more money to your wallet at the touch of a button.

At some casinos, regular classic card payments also work. You then use your VISA / MasterCard by entering the card details at the casino. These are encrypted and saved securely by the casino using SSL certificates.

List top casino without BankID

Casino without BankID Status Bonus 🎁 License
Refuel Casino Casino without BankID € 10% Cashback every week MGA
Mount Gold Casino Casino without BankID verification 10% cashback bonus MGA
Bettilt Casino Without Game Break and BankID Up to € 500 + 30FS Curacao
5 Gringos Casino Casino without BankID with Zimpler 100% up to € 500 + 100 FS Curacao
Tsars Casino Casino without BankID in Sweden € 2000 Curacao
Sticky Wilds Casino Without BankID verification € 500 + 200 Free Spins Curacao

Questions and answers casino without mobile BankID

Available poker without BankID?

Today, there is an opportunity for those who want to play poker without BankID, but this is added with some differences.

Can I play bingo without BankID?

At present, there are players who offer bingo without BankID, this expression actually means games with players who do not have a Swedish license. This is due to the fact that according to the regulations, companies operating in the Swedish market must offer BankID when registering for, for example, bingo games..

What does casino without BankID mean?

This means that mobile e-identification is not used in connection with the registration. Since this is a requirement for Swedish casinos, you play at one that does not hold a Swedish license.

How to register for games without BankID?

You fill in your details in a registration process that often consists of three steps. Collection, verification and completion. You usually need an email address and password.

How do deposits work at a casino without BankID?

Deposits can be made in several different ways. You will often find the payment methods at the bottom of the website. Common for casinos without BankID is that you either make a deposit with VISA / MasterCard or e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill.

Is it illegal to play without BankID?

No, Gambling without a BankID and without a license is not illegal. However, there are a number of disadvantages and risks.

Betting without BankID

Casino and gaming companies without bank deposit
If you e.g. is not a Swedish citizen, it is not possible to obtain a BankID. Instead, more people are looking for the part of the market that offers, among other things, betting without BankID, also so-called betting without a Swedish license.

This means that in order to play a betting company, you need to turn to one without BankID. We believe that this target group is very large and unfortunately something that the Swedish government missed in connection with the introduction of the new rules. That way, it becomes more accessible.

Bet without BankID verification

Since the license was added in Sweden on the first of January 2019, there have been several changes for you as a player. One of these changes is that you must verify yourself via BankID when you want to register with a gaming company that offers betting.

BankID is something that not everyone has today, at the same time as other changes have been added, such as restrictions on deposits, playing time, bonuses and much more. This has created space for Swedish players to apply for betting without BankID - due to the fact that it falls into a category that goes beyond the licensed part. What you can say is that casino or betting without BankID is to play unlicensed.

Gaming company without BankID

What we can see is an increasing trend for many players to look for games with a gaming company without BankID, which is also identified with a gaming company without a Swedish license. As no information can be transferred or verified through e-identification, the registration with a casino or gaming company without BankID will be slightly longer.

The casino needs to collect information such as username, e-mail, telephone number and password. All so that you can reach your account in the future. The very popular and recommended phenomenon casino without account will unfortunately disappear without BankID.

Best betting / casino without BankID

  • 20bet - Casino and betting without stopping play & BankID
  • Melbet - Casino with betting without BankID
  • 7Signs Casino - Playable casino despite game break
  • Betmaster Casino - Betting and casino without mobile BankID
  • LimeWin Casino - Curacao license without BankID
  • Casoo Casino - An older player without a Swedish license & BankID

New casinos without BankID

casino bonus without bankid
In principle, all new casinos with a Swedish license have a BankID as verification. Smooth, easy and safe. However, with new casinos without BankID, it will be a completely different five. Since BankID is aimed at a Swedish audience, it will be problematic for new casinos without a Swedish license to use BankID.

Sure, there are times when payment solutions fall in with BankID for unlicensed casinos, but then it is usually connected to a platform such as Trustly.

What we are talking about most here is then the actual registration with an online casino. It is not possible to do with BankID as we have mentioned earlier on our page further up. Without having to go the long way in this case. Take a look at our checklist for small quick tips:

  • BankID for deposit / withdrawal with eg Trustly at some casinos
  • Never BankID when registering at a casino
  • New casinos with a Swedish license always have BankID when registering
  • Think about what license the casino has
  • In addition, the casino has a license
New Casinos without license and BankID Status Bonus 🎁
Refuel Casino Casino without BankID and registration € 10% Cashback every week
Rant Casino Trustly casino without BankID With Bonus
Bettilt Casino Casino without license and BankID Up to € 500 + 30FS
5 Gringos Casino Casino with Zimpler & without BankID 100% up to € 500 + 100 FS
Tsars Casino Casino without BankID in Sweden € 2000
Sticky Wilds Casino Without BankID verification € 500 + 200 Free Spins


Disadvantages of online casino without BankID

There are a number of disadvantages with online casino without BankID, these we will go through in this section. There is no denying that the new regulation has put a stop to some entertaining elements for Swedish players. The difference between entertaining and unhealthy is subtle in some cases and we should not go into it too much. The most important thing is that you, as a viewer of this text, play responsibly.

Bonus offers at casinos without BankID

Since the regulation, many bonuses, VIP bonuses and other entertaining elements have disappeared. These rules do not apply to casinos but to BankID, which can then be considered positive for those who can play healthy. In other words, this can be perceived as something positive, but in the end the disadvantages become too great.

Remember to always check the terms and conditions carefully before choosing your casino and bonus. For Swedes living abroad, you can take advantage of bonuses and the like that are given, however, it is important to keep track of what applies in the country you are in.

Casino without BankID Flashback

We have done some research on what people say about casino without bankid on Flashback. Users frequently discuss whether it is even possible to play without using the verification method.

The answer that you get there and that we can also tell you here is that without a Bank ID you will go outside Sweden and unfortunately have visited a site that is abroad.


The conclusion is: if you can not get or have Mobile BankID and want to play casino, it is possible. Casinos without BankID, on the other hand, are also those that do not hold a license. This entails disadvantages and we think it is important that you understand. On top of that, the experience is still entertaining, like a classic casino experience.

Unlike regular licensed casinos, registration takes a little longer and deposits can be a little trickier. You are also not protected by the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate in the event of any disputes. Playing at a casino without BankID is something we do not recommend, even though this is in no way illegal.

Thanks for reading!