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Games with a chance of really big wins, a so-called casino jackpot. On this page we list all players that offer casino jackpots online April 2021.

casino jackpot

Casino with Jackpot

A jackpot refers to the absolute highest win you can win in a casino game. When we hear the word jackpot, most people probably think of slot machines from Las Vegas.

Machines on the floor with flashing lights and enticing graphics, flashing signs with the jackpot amount just waiting to be won. However, a jackpot can also refer to big wins in, for example lotto, trotting or bingo games. Usually the jackpot is built up over a long period of time without anyone winning it.

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Online, a jackpot works a little differently in different games. There are many different jackpot variants. There are often games that have smaller jackpots that are won daily and then there are the jackpots with gigantic sums that are built up over several months before someone takes home the winnings..

At a casino today, you will find everything from small jackpots, medium-sized, large, giant, dream winnings and progressive jackpots. So the question is really what does it take to be able to call it a jackpot?

The name and meaning of the word "jackpot" has changed in modern society but the original meaning is that it should contain the biggest win you can win in the game.


Best progressive jackpots online

Find the biggest jackpots right now in the list below. We retrieve information as often as possible and also do a form of conversion between the currencies. Therefore, assume that the size of the bonus has been approximated and that the exact amount can always be found on the casino's website.

#Slot machineJackpotPlay
Mega Moolah ISIS logoMega Moolah ISIS58 886 294 SEK
Mega Moolah logoMega Moolah29 296 546 SEK
Major millions logoMajor Millions50 231 142 SEK
hall of gods logoHall of Gods10 873 222 SEK
Mega Fortune logoMega Fortune17,452,852 SEK
Arabian nights logoArabian Nights5,966,538 SEK

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bethard logo

Find the best jackpot game

best jackpot games online in Sweden
Today, there is a high focus on jackpot games, the games attract customers and we see many different variants to choose from. Many players dream of the real big win, and therefore a main ingredient for why we see so many different variants of jackpot games today.

That we as players know that that small opportunity to win a crazy big win, no matter how small the chance, makes us love these games. This is something that can be very enticing and at the same time exciting to play a game that has a jackpot.

There are certainly over 100 different jackpot games on the market today. Some games contain smaller jackpots that do not grow the more people play without the jackpot being won based on different features of the game.

Jackpot with Bonus Games

Another common form of big win is bonus games where you have an increased chance of winning a jackpot during the bonus game. In some games we see 5 different levels of jackpots that can be won randomly when playing.

For example, "Micro, mini, medium, large, mega" jackpots that each level can give a profit of maybe 20x, 50x, 100x, 500x, 1000x your bet.

Most online casinos today has categories in its range of games where you can sort out all the different slot machines that the casino offers. You can always read about specific games in the info tab in each game, to see how the jackpot can be won in the specific game.

Megaways Jackpot

There are also games such as Genie Jackpot Megaways. A game created by Blueprint Gaming. In this game we can win extremely large sums both in the base game and in the "free spins mode". However, the game does not contain a specific jackpot that is built up by more people playing the game.

The game instead contains a symbol called Genie Jackpot, the symbol itself pays incredibly well if it is won over all 6 reels, for example.

This is the difference between a jackpot that is built up and a game that can offer extremely large winnings without having a specific jackpot that is collected in a specific pot. It can be said that the market has changed in recent years with the launch of MegaWay's games.

MegaWay's games have the ability to pay out thousands of times your bet without specifically calling it the jackpot..

Standard Jackpot Slots

There's a bunch slot machines with jackpots that are by far the most common today. The most popular games are Mega Fortune, Mega fortune dreams, Arabian Nights, Mega Moolah, Divine Fortune, Hall of Gods.

These mentioned games all have progressive jackpots that can be played at basically most casinos that are available to us Swedish customers today. Right now as we write this review, the jackpot on Mega Fortune is SEK 28,000,000.

There are gigantic sums that can be won in these progressive jackpots and we have had a lot of winners over the last 10 years. It really is profits that change lives.

It is of course extremely difficult to win these sums, but as I said, it is the small chance or opportunity that exists that makes it exciting..

Fun Slots with Casino Jackpot:

  • Arabian Nights
  • Mega Fortune
  • Mega Moolah
  • Divine Fortune
  • Mega Fortune Dreams
  • Hall of Gods

Jackpot for Sweden

Jackpot online for Sweden and Swedes
A progressive jackpot is probably the variant of jackpots that is most common and most popular today. A progressive jackpot builds up over time, it grows continuously as more and more games are placed in the machine. Progressive jackpots are often not tied to a specific casino.

There are games that have progressive jackpots that are available at several different casinos and in several different countries. All games placed on this machine contribute to the progressive jackpot, which means that it can grow to unbelievably high amounts..

Progressive Jackpot

Most often we see some selected games in the range that follow this concept. It is not uncommon to see progressive jackpots reach sums as high as 50 million euros. It is not possible to say exactly how often such profits can be paid out, but usually it happens more a couple of months apart or longer than that..

An interesting thing to know here is that it is a progressive jackpot that is built up and saved in a specific account with the game provider. It is therefore not the casino in question where the customer plays that pays out the winnings, which means that there is no specific risk for the casino to offer the jackpot game..

We often see that a casino markets that their players won the specific dream win in a jackpot game played on their site. It often sounds in these advertisements that the casino paid out this big win to the customer as it is in fact a collective pot from several different sites that offer the game, which is paid out.

stand-alone jackpots

Stand-alone jackpots

When a jackpot is only linked to a game at a casino, it is called a standalone jackpot. For each bet that does not become a win, a certain percentage is set aside and saved in the game.

The jackpot does not grow very fast as the number of users whose losses are set aside is limited to the casino's customers. For natural reasons, larger casinos often get larger stand-alone jackpots than smaller casinos.

local jackpots

Local jackpots

The second variant of progressive jackpots is the local ones. These are connected to several slot machines within the same casino and the same percentage that is put away in a standalone jackpot is now connected to several other games. In this way, the jackpot can grow faster and to larger sums before any player is lucky and wins home the rubbish.

global jackpots

Global jackpots

Global jackpots are connected between several different casinos and slot machines. In this way, a casino jackpot can grow quickly and become huge. A global jackpot is often up to several hundred million kronor. With others so large sums that there will be big news when these are distributed.

The probability of winning a global jackpot is much longer than local and standalone but still there is a chance.

Bonus at jackpot casino

A bonus gives you more money to play for. More money to play for gives you more time in the slot machines. In practice, this would mean a greater probability of winning a casino jackpot.

We have therefore listed the absolute best bonuses from casinos that offer jackpot games, ie jackpot casinos. Remember that there are rules and conditions when you claim a bonus. In the case of a larger profit, this could mean that you can have a turnover requirement that puts a stop to you withdrawing the money.

Best bonus for jackpot games

888 casino logo

888 Casino

  • 100% Bonus Of NOK 100
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
Chanz casino logo


  • 100 KR Bonus
  • Direct registration
  • Withdrawal within 5-10 minutes
bethard logo Casino jackpot


  • Zlatan Casino
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
yoyo Casino logo Casino jackpot

Yoyo Casino

  • 100 Free Spins
  • New Casino - New license
  • Easy registration
no account bet logo Casino jackpot

No Account Bet

  • SEK 100 deposit bonus
  • Casino without account
  • Betting & Casino
hyper casino logo

Hyper Casino

  • SEK 100 on your first deposit
  • Fast and secure withdrawals
  • Hyper-fast registration
speedy casino Speedy Casino
  • Registration without Account
  • No hassle
  • Quick withdrawals
mobilautomaten logo

Mobile vending machines

  • 100 Free Spins
  • No Sales Requirements On The Book Of Dead
666 casino logo Casino jackpot

666 Casino

  • 100 Free Spins
  • No Sales Requirements On The Book Of Dead
paf casino logo Casino jackpot


  • 99 Free Spins
  • Casino, Lotto & Bingo
  • Swish deposit

Frequently asked questions about casino jackpots

Which is the most popular game with a big jackpot?

The range of jackpot games is huge and that's hard to say. However, Mega Fortune and Arabian Nights are two very popular slot machines. We think these are fantastic but there is so much out there.

Can I withdraw my winnings immediately if I win?

Each individual casino has its own terms and conditions. But generally speaking, you can withdraw your winnings directly. If it is very large, it can be divided into several transactions over a period. Other things to keep in mind are wagering requirements and maximum winnings with bonus money.

How often do you update the information with the current jackpot?

As often as possible! The information out there varies but we always try to make as close an estimate as possible.

How often a casino jackpot is awarded?

Almost every day! Games are extremely popular and people all over the world play. Larger profits are of course less likely to be paid out daily.

Should I take a bonus for trying to win a jackpot?

We recommend it! Longer gaming sessions increase the probability of winning a big jackpot. You get longer gaming sessions with more money.

Should I expect a jackpot win?

Of course not! Winning a big jackpot is about luck. There is nothing to take for granted. We wish you good luck!

Casino Jackpot with license

What most Swedes interested in casinos have understood at this time is how limited bonuses and other offers are for Swedish citizens. This then does not have to affect how jackpots work for Swedes.

If you look at casino without Swedish license then you see how different slots and other games are linked to the right and left with different jackpots. Chasing specifically for a jackpot can be difficult and quite demanding in terms of time and money. It should simply be seen as a bonus for your gambling.

Biggest jackpot wins

Over the years, a huge amount of money has been distributed from casinos. The biggest ones are unbelievably big and it is impossible to imagine the feeling of winning so much money. The majority of the winnings have been distributed from interconnected and global progressive jackpots.

The biggest gains in recent years:

  1. 17 million euros (Mega Fortune)
  2. 11 million euros (Mega Fortune)
  3. 8 million euros (Arabian Nights)
  4. 7 million euros (Mega Moolah)
  5. 7 million euros (Hall of Gods)

How to grow a jackpot?

casino jackpot illustration
A jackpot usually grows the more people play, losses build up to a huge profit. It can work in the way that if you bet SEK 10, 0.50 öre is added to the jackpot. If a game is popular and played by many people at the same time for a long time, a jackpot can grow very fast.

The longer the time, the higher the jackpot and the greater the profit when the jackpot is finally paid out. As previously stated, there are also jackpots that do not grow at all but have a fixed amount. These jackpots are usually won more often, often daily.

The most popular jackpot games contain progressive jackpots that build up over a long period of time and then pay out a dream win..

The possibility of a jackpot win

Winning a jackpot can definitely be possible for the general player. It may also be possible that it never happens. All the casino games we play online today are random.

As we previously wrote, there are all sorts of different jackpot games, which means that there is a greater chance of winning smaller jackpots that are paid out, for example, daily..

Winning a dream win or a progressive jackpot is rare, it often takes a long time between the jackpot wins and of all the thousands of players chasing the jackpot, only one of these will win the jackpot. There are jackpots that are paid out daily that are still quite large.

Red Tiger Gaming is a gaming provider that offers a lot of games that follow a concept where they pay out daily jackpots. There is a timer in these games that counts down, which means that the jackpot "must be won" before the time runs out. This thus increases the chance of winning a big jackpot even though it is frequent and won daily.

May the Jackpot trip be with you!