Casino Cashback

Casino Cashback, also called Cashback bonus, is a bonus where you get money if the loss occurs. A now somewhat neglected bonus form but we have collected similar offers.

casino cashback

Cashback Bonus

Cashback is directly translated money back. And that's exactly what a Casino Cashback Bonus at a casino means, you get money back if your deposited money should be a loss. Cashback is usually a percentage of your losses, but some casinos divide your gambling into levels and you get money back after that. Casino cashback is a form of casino bonus.

Many players have recently begun to appreciate casino cashback as an option and we will definitely see an increase in the near future. If you are interested in finding a cashback bonus, you will find all the casinos that offer cashback below.

Best casino with cashback 2021

List of the most attractive cashback bonuses 2021 NOTE! Today, casinos are not allowed to offer cashback bonuses, we have instead chosen to present casinos with bonuses.

888 casino logo

888 Casino

  • 100% Bonus Of NOK 100
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
Chanz casino logo


  • 100 KR Bonus
  • Direct registration
  • Withdrawal within 5-10 minutes
bethard logo Casino Cashback


  • Zlatan Casino
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
yoyo Casino logo Casino Cashback

Yoyo Casino

  • 100 Free Spins
  • New Casino - New license
  • Easy registration
no account bet logo Casino Cashback

No Account Bet

  • SEK 100 deposit bonus
  • Casino without account
  • Betting & Casino
hyper casino logo

Hyper Casino

  • SEK 100 on your first deposit
  • Fast and secure withdrawals
  • Hyper-fast registration
speedy casino Speedy Casino
  • Registration without Account
  • No hassle
  • Quick withdrawals
mobilautomaten logo

Mobile vending machines

  • 100 Free Spins
  • No Sales Requirements On The Book Of Dead
666 casino logo Casino Cashback

666 Casino

  • 100 Free Spins
  • No Sales Requirements On The Book Of Dead
paf casino logo Casino Cashback


  • 99 Free Spins
  • Casino, Lotto & Bingo
  • Swish deposit

Cashback bonus now banned

Since 1 January 2019, cashback in its traditional form has been prohibited for Swedish gaming companies to offer. In this way, all offers have disappeared and we can no longer sort the offers that are best. Instead, we will focus on similar bonuses where you get to take part in something wonderful when registering. Good luck!

What is Cashback Casino?

Cashback means that you get part of your game amount back. You can usually come across cashback in connection with betting or online poker, but now it is available at casino also.

A common arrangement is 10% cashback and means that if you spin for SEK 1,000 and lose everything, you will get SEK 100 back. It is a way for the player to limit their losses and play but at the same time take less risks.

This is a phenomenon that is starting to become more common among online casinos and is predicted to become something of a standard in the future.

Different types of Cashback

Casino Cashback can appear in three different forms.

  1. A fixed cashback of e.g. 10%
  2. Fixed amount upon deposit e.g. 250 SEK cashback
  3. Cashback in specific campaign
  4. Occurs both at the end and all games

Trend 2019

The bonus has become increasingly common at the end of 2018 and we expect that cashback bonuses will become a trend in 2019. Players will expect slightly more in return than a deposit bonus. And in connection with the new gaming laws that are in force and come into force where bonuses risk smoking, cashback can be a good long-term alternative for players.

If you have not tested cashback before, it can be a really hot tip for those who are interested in maximizing their gambling. At first, it can feel boring not to get your deposit doubled or sometimes even better. But when you have been playing for over a year and the loss is over, it is always nice to get something back.

As mentioned earlier, rebates at casinos have been banned under the Swedish Gaming Act. All licensed casinos have therefore chosen to remove it. The offers you find on this page have a similar effect as a bonus but not really the classic form. Certain casinos without a Swedish license has continued to offer cashback, but then you play outside the Swedish regulations. Which is not to recommend immediately.

Bajungo ends his cashback

In connection with the regulation 2019 chooses Bajungo to end their cashback bonus. It is somewhat clear if several casinos will hook on to this, but as it looks at present, it does not seem so. The reason why no one knows whether cashback should remain or not is the new gaming law.

It is unclear whether cashback is a valid and approved bonus or not. We do not know if Bajungo wants to be on the safe side or just choose to withdraw it for other reasons.

Many acquaintances with cashback in shopping

When we talk to players about cashback, it is sometimes a rather strange expression. However, if you turn it around and tell about services where you get money back in connection with shopping or loyalty programs, it is easier for players to understand

And that's exactly how casino cashback works, you get money back on your shopping or consumption. In casinos, the amount you play for is exactly the same. Sometimes it's if the loss is there but other times it's on your entire turnover. So the whole amount you play for.

Another form appears

Recently, new forms of the bonus have appeared. Instead of getting money back in cash, users get coins back. For these coins you can buy different things in e.g. an online store at the casino. It's exactly like when you get money back but not in physical money. A really fun variant of the famous and unique bonus.

Another variant that has begun to appear on the market is the No Casino Account offers, where you can take part in a fixed amount that is shared with all new players during each game period. For example. that all new players in August can share in a million kroner.


Casino Cashback Questions & Answers

Cashback is still available as a bonus?

Unfortunately not! However, we have chosen to post similar offers under this page. Read more in our guide.

What can other similar offers be?

An example is NAC, which distributed one million to all new players who deposited a certain amount. In this way, you could in terror lose your money, but then get to take part in the million and play a little more.

What is the best thing about casino cashback?

The opportunity for more games! If you play and are entertained for SEK 1,000 for a month with 10% cashback, you could be entertained again for SEK 100 at the end of the month.

Different forms of Cashback bonus

casino cashback bonus
Cashback bonus is called the form of bonus that you get at a cashback deal. You usually get this bonus when the account is opened, but it can also be found under specific promotions. Then your cashback offer or bonus is limited in time during the campaign.

If you receive a cashback bonus immediately upon setting up the account, it will cover some of your closures and you will receive a payout every month or week to be able to spin a little more. There are several options and variants of casino cashback bonus.

1. Cashback refund on losses

This form was very common when the bonus was first introduced. Many popular and established gaming companies used this approach all the way to the regulation in Sweden. In the future, we will unfortunately not see this form at any of the Swedish gaming companies.

2. Fixed amount - a form of Cashback bonus

Another variation is when you get a fixed amount back on each deposit. It can e.g. be SEK 250 for a deposit up to a certain amount. That way, you get more money to gamble on than you put in. This form is still approved and somewhat Lucky Casino uses.

3. Specific cashback campaign

Sometimes there may be cashback during a certain campaign that your casino arranges. It is often time-limited and linked to a specific game. Many people think this type of campaign can be very fun and good as you sometimes want to play a little extra and for a longer period of time but do not have the capacity to deposit that much money right then.

Summary of cashback casinos

Like much else, everything has an end. It is only to state one thing, casino cashback is over and a bonus form we will never see again in Sweden. At first it worked very well, and you could get money back on the deposit or on your losses. But an encouragement to play meant that the new regulation put an end to the bonus form and we can now only remember.

Because we have chosen to write a whole page about the cashback bonus and how everything works even though it has disappeared is a sign of how good we thought the bonus actually was.

In the future, we will instead focus on similar campaigns, there are still casinos that divide money back but perhaps not based on losses. The most talked about such was No Account who distributed one million kronor to all new players.