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More to play for - more excitement. On this page we collect all casino bonuses 2021 online, find and download best casino bonus on your next deposit from our list below.

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Casinobonus 2021

casino bonus

On this page we present something for you called casino bonus. It's a gift you get on your first deposit. Thanks to the bonus, you can calmly test all parts of the casino's games and functions without having to worry about the money running out immediately. Unless the win comes, of course.

Best casino bonus april 2021

Below is a list of the best casino bonus April 2021

A welcome bonus is a great opportunity for you as a player to maximize your next deposit. This in turn gives increased chances of winning due to longer game sections. No matter how familiar you are with casino bonuses before, welcome to our page where you will find the best bonuses right now.

Get started and claim a bonus through three simple steps:

  • Find the best bonus in the top list
  • Click on to the casino
  • Deposit money and enjoy your bonus!

The reason why we choose to dedicate an entire subpage to casino bonuses is because it is an extremely important factor when players choose gaming companies. A casino bonus can be what makes a player choose one casino over another. For us, it is therefore important to clearly and transparently inform our visitors about the best offers out there.

Best bonus offers

To find the right one, many visitors use our list below. It sorts out the absolute best offers in the selected category and it is easy to get a good overview. The overview shows the name, logo and information for each casino. If you want to go ahead and pick up your casino bonus, click on the button on the same line.

If you have picked up a bonus from most Swedish gaming companies, we recommend that you check them all instead new casino 2021. This increased the probability that you will find a casino that actually has an offer you can take advantage of.

Best casino bonus 2021

A list of the best casino bonuses 2021 - for you who want to maximize and get the most games for the money.

888 casino logo

888 Casino

  • 100% Bonus Of NOK 100
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
Chanz casino logo


  • 100 KR Bonus
  • Direct registration
  • Withdrawal within 5-10 minutes
bethard logo Casino bonus


  • Zlatan Casino
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
yoyo Casino logo Casino bonus

Yoyo Casino

  • 100 Free Spins
  • New Casino - New license
  • Easy registration
no account bet logo Casino bonus

No Account Bet

  • SEK 100 deposit bonus
  • Casino without account
  • Betting & Casino
hyper casino logo

Hyper Casino

  • SEK 100 on your first deposit
  • Fast and secure withdrawals
  • Hyper-fast registration
speedy casino Speedy Casino
  • Registration without Account
  • No hassle
  • Quick withdrawals
mobilautomaten logo

Mobile vending machines

  • 100 Free Spins
  • No Sales Requirements On The Book Of Dead
666 casino logo Casino bonus

666 Casino

  • 100 Free Spins
  • No Sales Requirements On The Book Of Dead
paf casino logo Casino bonus


  • 99 Free Spins
  • Casino, Lotto & Bingo
  • Swish deposit


Get a casino bonus

casinobonus instruction
You have come to our page about casino bonus For some reason, you want to claim a bonus on their next deposit. Our task in this context is to sort, analyze and optimize your choice. We do this by constantly keeping track of all casinos in Sweden 2021.

This way, we can easily present the best casino bonuses at the moment in the list above. Another thing you can always be confident in is that we only recommend approved casinos so that there are no problems in connection with you wanting to use your bonus.

Get bonus

When you collect your bonuses, it works so that you check the list above among the bonuses we have sorted out. Once you find one that fits, click the button that takes you to the casino. Then you will be sent to the selected casino for registration. In connection with the registration, your bonus agreement will appear.

Below we illustrate how a casino bonus works with an example where you get 200% on your deposit. Your money is then multiplied by three and you get three times as much money to play for. This means that you increase your winnings to a chance and get more excitement.

New casino bonuses 2021

best casino bonus
Find all new casino bonuses April 2021 with us at We offer a complete guide for you who love casino and everything there is to it.
New casino bonuses are something that is always hot news for all of us, and with the stricter regulation, it is even more important to keep track of the latest bonuses on the market. Because no one wants to miss a new bonus to pick up.

Best casino bonuses 2021

  1. Campobet - Max bonus up to SEK 100
  2. PlayToro Casino - Pay N Play + bonus up to SEK 100
  3. Chanz Casino - Casino without hassle with bonus
  4. YoYo Casino - Casino without verification
  5. Race Casino - Pay N 'Play with bonus
  6. Scandibet - Casino without registration with bonus

Best new casino with bonus

Campobet logo


  • Welcome bonus up to SEK 100
  • Casino & Betting
  • Quick registration
player casino logo

PlayToro Casino

  • Pay N 'Play
  • New Casino
  • 2500+ Top games
Chanz casino logo


  • 100 KR Bonus
  • Direct registration
  • Withdrawal within 5-10 minutes
yoyo Casino logo Casino bonus

Yoyo Casino

  • 100 Free Spins
  • New Casino - New license
  • Easy registration
Race Casino logo Casino bonus

Race Casino

  • Pay N 'Play Casino
  • Casino Without Account
  • Quick withdrawals with Trustly
Scandibet casino logo


  • Without Account
  • Betting & Casino
  • Viking theme

Find the best casino bonus

This section is about how to find the absolute best casino bonus. As a casino bonus guide, we get a lot of questions. The content of these varies slightly but a very common thought is how to find the best casino bonus 2021.

There is no simple answer to that question but we usually refer to this sections, where we highlight important elements that will be crucial.

Number of percent on your bonus

A first, very important, aspect of finding the best casino bounces in 2021 is that the controlled number of percent your deposit will be multiplied by. So we are talking 100 percent, 200 percent and sometimes up to 500 percent that is in the offer. As we explained earlier, it is how much bigger your deposit will be.

This aspect is very important and here you can quickly tell if a bonus is ordinary, good or really cruel. Do not be fooled, however, a bonus of 100 percent may be better than one of 500 percent. Explanation comes below.

It's up to you

Like we said, do not be fooled. A casino bonus of 100 percent does not have to be worse than 500 percent. Everything is limited by a condition that is "up to". In other words, a cap on how much your first deposit can be worth.

Let's say that it says up to SEK 1,000 in an offer, then you will only be able to get SEK 1,000 in bonus money. In other words, with a bonus of 100 percent, you can deposit a maximum of SEK 1,000 to use the casino bonus.

Therefore, remember to build yourself an idea of ​​how much you can really get extra. In general, we would say that higher percentage bonuses have lower "up to".

Think of your combination of bonuses

There is no optimal combination between number of percent and "up to". Our recommendation is that you decide how much you are willing to play with. Depending on whether it is SEK 500 or SEK 5,000, the outcome will vary slightly.

Let's say that it's about 5,000 kronor. Then you need to keep an eye out for a casino bonus with a high amount of up to. Usually you get about 100 to 200 percent when the stakes are so high. But, considering how much money it is about, you will get a lot of bonus money.

Higher number

If, on the other hand, it is about SEK 500, we recommend that you go for as high a percentage as possible. You can e.g. Find casino bonuses that offer 500% on your $ 500.

Before you decide, you should keep an eye on some requirements, read more about them in the following heading. All bonuses are subject to rules and requirements.

You will find the best casino bonus if the following is true:

  1. High number of percent
  2. Up to large amounts
  3. Fair terms

Only one bonus per license

Since the turn of the year between 2018 and 2019, there has been a change in bonuses in Sweden. What has happened are mainly two things. The first is that casinos may only offer bonuses to new players. Which means that the bonuses in our top lists are only relevant for you who are not a customer before.

Other important changes are that there is only one bonus per license for you as a player. This means that several gaming companies that have the same owner and license cannot offer you a bonus on each gaming site.

200% Casino Bonus

200% casino bonus
Discover the classic and regular bonus where you get 200% extra to play for. As we have mentioned before, there are several different forms of casino bonuses. The most common and also most popular is the matching bonus, where your deposit is matched in percent.

Here is a much sought after and good bonus the one that gives you 200 percent. We have therefore chosen to dedicate our very own top list with 200% offers, we are really talking about a best to casino bonus.

Sweden's best 200% bonuses

Choose a casino with a good bonus and optimize your next deposit.

yoyo Casino logo Casino bonus

Yoyo Casino

  • 100 Free Spins
  • New Casino - New license
  • Easy registration
casinostugan logo


  • 200 Free Spins On Fire Joker
  • Odds & Casino
  • Swish - Trustly - Zimpler
comeon logo

ComeOn Casino

  • 200 Free spins Without turnover
  • SEK 100 extra 1x turnover on odds.
  • Easy with BankID
leo vegas logo

Leo Vegas

    18+ Years - Terms & Conditions apply, The offer applies to new players from 1 September 2020 onwards. Cash Free Spins are valid for 60 days. Cash Free Spins are turnover free, ev. Profits are real money. Read complete terms and conditions here.
rizk logo

Rizk Casino

  • Deposit SEK 100
  • Play for SEK 200
  • Live Casino
kaboo logo

Kaboo Casino

  • Trustly Transfers
  • Live Casino
  • Over 1000 Slots

Casino bonus Sweden

Our gaming market is tightly regulated when it comes to casino bonuses as we mentioned earlier, with the end of the monopoly that came in January 2019, additional restrictions were introduced for bonuses in the summer of 2020.

Mostly then to curb increased gambling addiction and abuse during the Sars-cov2 pandemic. So bonuses may only be offered once with a maximum ceiling of SEK 100 bonus. This then applies to a casino bonus in Sweden.

When you play on one online casino our task is to collect all information for casino bonus Sweden.

Get a bonus at an online casino in Sweden

Since we mentioned above that playing at an online casino in Sweden is preferable, it also has several advantages as well. The Swedish authorities are also there to help you if you have any kind of problem.

In Sweden, online casinos may offer a welcome bonus to you who play, even though some may think it is cheap with a small bonus, it is preferable to other things such as casino without Swedish license with bonus.

Casino bonuses for Sweden

  • Not available for a casino without a Swedish license
  • May not turn to Sweden by, for example, offering bonuses
  • Not illegal to play
  • Nothing we recommend
  • No other offers may be offered such as reloads or cashbacks at the casino
888 casino logo

888 Casino

  • 100% Bonus Of NOK 100
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
Campobet logo


  • Welcome bonus up to SEK 100
  • Casino & Betting
  • Quick registration
yoyo Casino logo Casino bonus

Yoyo Casino

  • 100 Free Spins
  • New Casino - New license
  • Easy registration

Questions about casino bonuses

We have collected the most common questions with answers about casino bonuses. Do not hesitate to contact us if any questions you would have liked answered are missing. We always try to give you as complete information as possible.

What is a casino bonus?

A bonus at an internet casino is an offer on your first deposit. Usually you get more to play for, either in cash or free games. A very classic approach to a casino bonus is presented as follows: 200% up to SEK 2,000 + 50 free spins. In the example, you would have received 200% more on your deposit, up to a maximum of SEK 2,000. In addition, there are also 50 free spins in slot machines.

Which bonus is best?

A good casino bonus includes a high percentage combined with several free games. IN our list of best bonuses we have sorted and ranked all of sweden's bonuses so that you do not have to think.

How many bonuses can I pick up?

It is generally possible to collect a bonus per gaming company (licensee). In practice, there are several pages per license, which actually means that you can only download one per license. Our top list never contains bonuses from two sites with the same license.

Do I have any requirements for my bonus?

Yes! All bonuses have wagering requirements that require you to play before winnings can be withdrawn. A low number is 15-20 times the money, a high number is 35-40 times the money. You can read all about turnover requirements with us at

Different bonuses

There are several different types of bonuses. Most gaming companies offer some form of offer for new players.

Below we have listed the most common bonuses and how these are structured. There are always trends in bonuses, which means that some may be more popular than during certain periods. And, new variations are coming soon.

Matching bonus

This bonus gives you, just as it sounds, a match in connection with your deposit. A deposit bonus / matching bonus is designed so that you get the deposit multiplied a number of times. If your bonus is 200 percent, your deposit will be multiplied by three.

A bonus of 300 percent multiplied by four. Often there is a ceiling so that deposit bonuses are up to a certain amount. For example. 200 percent up to SEK 1,000.

Bonuses with free spins

Something many people are looking for is free spins, it's completely free spins in a vending machine. Also called free spins and free spins.

The spin can be obtained both in connection with a deposit but also independently both in the games and directly upon registration. Even more common is a hybrid when you get both a deposit bonus and free spins.

Many people appreciate free spins because it is extremely simple and thankful. At the same time, there are usually very good profit opportunities. Of course, it is also a completely risk-free casino because you do not bet your own money.

Free money as a bonus

In this bonus you get free money to use at a casino without having to make a deposit. There are also no turnover requirements.

The money is a gift so you can create an account and test the game page. When the money runs out, the casino hopes that their site will be so attractive that you will want to bet your own money. However, one must not forget that you can win real money with this free money.

Exclusive bonuses

Unique offers that you can only pick up from casino guides such as CasinoFia is called exclusive bonuses. In recent years, these offers have become somewhat limited but still exist.

Today it can be said that the biggest guides can award exclusive offers while less have lost their rights. Since we are considered one of Sweden's largest guides, we have some alternatives, the best is currently offered by PlayOJO.

Percentage welcome bonus

Earlier we mentioned how one matching bonus works and how your deposit is multiplied. Now we thought we would clarify what it really means and how it works in practice. If you get a casino bonus of 100 percent up to SEK 10,000, your bonus money may be a maximum of SEK 10,000.

For example, if you deposit SEK 15,000 with a 100% welcome bonus, you will not get SEK 30,000 to play for. Without a maximum of SEK 10,000 in bonus money. You will instead receive SEK 25,000 in your gaming account.

If you go on to the percentage yourself, it can also be complicated. We have made a list so that it will be easier for you to understand and calculate for yourself:

  • 100%: Your deposit is multiplied by 2.
  • 200%: Your deposit is multiplied by 3.
  • 300%: Your deposit is multiplied by 4.
  • 400%: Your deposit is multiplied by 5.
  • 500%: Your deposit is multiplied by 6.

Calculation example of how much your bonus will be on the gaming account:

BONUS: 100%

Deposit: SEK 1,000
Bonus money: 1000 ISK
To play for: SEK 2,000

BONUS: 200%

Deposit: SEK 1,000
Bonus money: 2000 ISK
To play for: SEK 3,000

BONUS: 300%

Deposit: SEK 1,000
Bonus money: ISK 3,000
To play for: SEK 4,000

Bonus rules & Terms

bonus terms and conditions

Linked to at the casino and casino bonuses there are rules and conditions. This is a form of terms of use for how you and the casino act in different situations that may arise. In these terms of use there is always a section about the bonus (if one is offered).

The rules and conditions for the bonus partly regulate how it should be used, but can also be used to interpret how good a bonus is, that is, how nice the conditions are. Below we have listed common aspects of a rules for a bonus that it may be good for you to read on.

Turnover bonus

Something we recommend you keep an eye out for is how many times your deposit should be played for, also called the turnover. The reason for the condition is that you should not be able to use your casino bonus and then withdraw them again. The requirement for how much you should play for will be defined in the terms and conditions.

Our tip for speeding up the wagering requirement and succeeding in meeting it is to play slots, where the turnover is usually higher and you can win really big. Which can then help you play for more money with a lot of money in the gaming account.

Max winnings & deposit bous

A maximum win on your deposit bonus is not too unusual. Just as it sounds, the maximum win is about how much you can win with your bonus. Unfortunately, this limits you from winning really big jackpots as a normal ratio of a maximum win is 10 times. They want to say that if you get a bonus for SEK 4,000, your maximum win will be SEK 40,000.

Unfortunately, there is no way to escape these maximum winnings if the casino has chosen to include it in the rules. Then remember that you can always take without bonus and also just play because it is not fun. Not to chase big wins.

Specific payment methods for bonuses

Read the rules carefully if it is the case that the casino bonus is limited to a certain payment method. In practice, this means that deposits with e.g. Skrill may miss your bonus. We do not think you should be worried in any way as the most common and best payment methods give you a bonus. They are soft you start using other ambiguous and different variants it can get weird.

Time-limited bonus

A time limit means that you must meet your turnover requirement within a certain period. If you do not meet the requirement, you will not be able to withdraw your bonus money. How long the time limit is has varied a lot over the years and between different casinos. Then we really talk about everything from a day up to 60 days.

It is therefore extra careful that you are always familiar with the rules and conditions that are actually presented from individual casinos. But also remember this section of our text. Since the turn of the year with the new gaming law in Sweden, there has been a requirement that the bonus must have at least a 60-day time limit as a requirement. For you as a player, this is great news and you no longer have to worry that someone's requirement is 24 hours.

Casino bonus 2022 (trends)

Saying something about the future is always difficult. Especially when it comes to games and bonuses. In recent months, we have been thinking about the development of casino bonus 2022.

One thing we have come to is that we see a somewhat even demand increasing in the number of offers. As a gaming company, it is harder and harder to attract players among all the good sites that exist, you will therefore choose to increase the offers.

We recommend that you book mark and save our page as a favorite and then come back below. Then we will have examined exactly the different bonuses that are available.

New gaming law affecting casino bonuses

On January 1, 2019, a new gaming law came into force in Sweden. The law makes it more difficult for casinos to offer casino bonuses to their players, at least for those who will apply for a license in Sweden.

Several casinos have chosen to continue without a Swedish license, these are now called casinos without a license.

A big change is that casino bonuses will only be offered once per player. You will therefore only receive a bonus on your first deposit.

The terms must be very clear and the terms must apply for at least 60 days. All players should be able to take advantage of all casino bonuses, which means that there will be no VIP offers.

Remaining rule

In 2021, this rule will remain and the Swedish market will quickly be completely without bonuses.

These offers will most likely only be offered to brand new casino players. Previously, players who had played casino before could only find a new bonus when that craving came.
casinos without casino bonus

Casinos without casino bonus

Something that has become more common lately is casino without a bonus. This generally means that you do not need to register to start playing, get started and play. The bonus part has then sometimes been chosen to make the experience as free as possible from hassle with wagering requirements and mental calculation..

We do not think this is a disadvantage but recommend everyone who is looking for a casino without a bonus to drive to as usual.

read more about casino without bonus and hassle.

Casino bonus 2020 (history)

casino bonus history

When we update our casino guide for bonuses, we have just entered 2021 but it can be nice to remember how bonuses work in 2019 and 2020. During the last half of 2020, cashback bonuses began to become more common. It's a bonus where you get money back on everything you play for.

In 2020, there was also concern about how the development of bonuses would be in view of the new regulation. One effect of this was that many casinos increased their bonuses and became extra generous. Something we of course thought was very nice.

Gamification bonuses

Something that was also very common in 2018 was gamification, which means that when you are in the game, you can be rewarded by going to different levels, collecting points and other developing features. A fun way to reward your gambling if you are loyal to your casino.

So by playing you could collect points that can later be exchanged for credit or money. You could then play more for these and it meant passively that you could increase your chances of winning money.

Bonus code

A bonus code at a casino is not really anything that exists today. Before, it was a way for players to recruit or give a gift to another player. This then began to be used by casino comparison sites and was a cumbersome and tricky way to keep track of who gave a gift to whom. Instead of using codes, people today use links that link bonuses to your account.

Loyalty bonus

For those who have played for a long time at one and the same casino could previously get a loyalty bonus. For the casino, it is a way to reward you for not changing gaming sites or stopping playing. The loyalty bonus was very controversial from the beginning as some believe that it encourages more gambling.

However, it is not entirely different from other loyalty programs that large product chains use in the form of points per krone spent. Since the turn of the year 2019, loyalty bonuses are no longer offered at casinos, but every player must be treated equally.

Casino cashback bonus

The appreciated bonus form with Cashback was very popular but disappeared in early 2019. Nowadays, it is only possible to get hold of similar variants where the first game can be risk-free. Which means that you get back the entire amount, a so-called 100% cashback. Unfortunately, that's all that works today, as the gaming law has banned the rest. read more about casino cashback.


Become an expert at casino bonus

advanced information casino bonus
Above, we have thoroughly explained how a casino bonus works and how you as a regular player should relate to rules, offers and usage. But, it can sometimes be so much more complicated. We've talked a bit about the wagering requirements that come with your bonus. The last part of this page will be a complete guide on how to gather expert knowledge about bonuses.

Bonus wagering requirements

A common and sometimes annoying part of a casino bonus is wagering requirements. It is a rule that says that you must gamble, also called wager, a certain part of the money before you are entitled to withdraw any winnings. This means that you can not get a bonus of 5000 kronor and then immediately after withdraw the same amount.

You can always choose to say no to a casino bonus and there also the wagering requirement. But, if you still want a bonus, the best way to play with them is by knowing the rules carefully. You can read more about this further down on our page.

Casino bonus with no wagering requirements

There are several different bonuses with no wagering requirements but it is very rare. Make sure to be updated on our site and you are always sure to get the bonus that is best for you. Many people look for these bonuses for too long without finding one that really works.

A hot tip is to instead read about how the turnover requirement works or simply say no. You should just see your bonus as a way to play much longer and get more for your money. If you see your bonus money as your own money, you have the wrong attitude right from the start.

Examples of turnover requirements

If you use a deposit bonus, it means that you get your deposit multiplied a number of times. Let's say that you deposit 500 kronor to play for and get according to your bonus then 1000 kronor into your gaming account.

How much do you then need to play before these SEK 1,000 can be withdrawn?

The wagering requirement is only applied to your bonus money, which is SEK 500 in this case. If you have a turnover requirement of 30, this means that you need a turnover of SEK 15,000 (500 x 30 = 15,000) before the money is ready to be withdrawn. Turnover does not mean that you need to win SEK 15,000 but play for.

So, if you spin for 10 kroner per spin, you need to do 1500 spins. Whether you win or not along the way.

Applies to wagering requirements on free spins bonuses?

Yes, and it works much the same way. But, instead of you getting 500 kroner in bonus money, you get here, let's say 20 free spins. If then the turnover requirement is 30 again, the following applies:

30 x 20 = 600

So you need to spin 600 times in the slot machine with your money you have won from your free spins before they are ready to be withdrawn.

Turnover requirements for your own money

Even though the standard today is that the wagering requirement only applies to your bonus money, there are casinos that have a wagering requirement on your entire bonus. This means that the turnover you must make before winnings can be withdrawn will be doubled. It will clearly be in connection with the registration but it can be a good thing to keep track of for a new and inexperienced player.

The reason why there are turnover requirements

We have mentioned it briefly before, but the reason why there are wagering requirements is because players should not be able to take advantage of a bonus and then withdraw the money immediately. It is a method for the casino and ensure that you use the bonus and test their offer and get a good experience.

The idea with a casino bonus is not that you should cheat the casino in any way, but it is a gift for you as a new customer to be able to discover their features and experience. If the bonus runs out, you should be able to deposit money without wagering requirements and play just as usual.

No casino is trying to trick you through a wagering requirement. Without just guaranteeing that you get a good first experience.

Lowest turnover requirement

The casino bonus with the lowest wagering requirements on the market right now is offered by No Casino Account. At the moment, they have an offer that only requires one-time sales (1x). A gaming site that offers such a low turnover requirement is really to be commended. Few offers come close.

Remember that you always find best casino bonus in our top list above. Even though some have higher turnover requirements than that, they can be very advantageous and good.


A summary in the section on casino bonuses feels in place. Roughly speaking, we would say that bonuses are a fairly simple occurrence where you as a player can only find the absolute best in our top list and then play and be happy. But unfortunately, it can sometimes be more complicated than that. Which of course infects you as a player in the end.

The simplest variant, if you do not just want to take one in our top list, is to look at the turnover requirement in the rules and conditions. This way, you can get a quick idea of ​​how much money you need to play for before the money can actually be converted into a withdrawal. If the turnover requirement is low (15-25), it is really good. Another level around 25-30 is also good but not the best. A high turnover requirement (30-40 +) is not bad but more demanding.

Read the entire content

If you really want to get acquainted, we recommend that you read the entire text on our page. It contains accurate variables with an explanation of how we value a bonus. It is e.g. values ​​such as "up to", the number of percent and more in-depth conditions such as maximum winnings and time limits.

Finally, and to conclude the whole chapter, we have a positive attitude towards welcome offers and we think you should take the opportunity to take advantage of one. However, remember that gambling must be done responsibly and that special rules apply to your bonus.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more and read our text!