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Experience bingo online at the best bingo sites in Sweden in April 2021. With us, you can quickly and easily find and compare all bingo sites online with a Swedish license.

bingo online

Bingo online

Playing bingo online is great fun. It's tradition. For the older visitors to our site, it is almost nostalgic and the game has a lot of history that has now taken over the net..

For younger practitioners, it is often associated with Bingolotto and a game in front of the TV. Regardless of the reason you have come to our site bingo then we give you the opportunity to play the same game online at an online casino.

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This page contains carefully selected information on everything you need to get started with bingo online. The structure and concept of our guide is that you first get the opportunity to choose a bingo site in our top list. There we have ranked the bingo pages according to the best ratings.

If you find a new bingo site or casino that suits you, click on through the corresponding button. Once there, follow the instructions to register an account and deposit money. Shortly after, just start playing bingo online.

Good luck wishing us at Casinofia!

Best bingo sites

Find the best bingo online through us. All bingo sites we list have a Swedish license

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  • Swish deposit
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Maria Casino

  • Deposit SEK 100
  • Get 50 turnover-free FS
  • Live Bingo
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  • 50 SEK bonus without wagering requirements
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Play bingo at home online

play online bingo at home

The best place to play bingo is at home in front of the computer or phone. This page and guide is exactly the place where you will find out how it works and how to get started. Below we will divide the steps and make a step-by-step guide on how to proceed.

Follow the steps and start playing bingo online today.

1. Choose the best bingo site

Start by choosing it best bingo site in our top list. All have a Swedish gaming license and offer a fun range of games. We sort the bingo pages according to the ones we think are best. But also weigh in where you have not picked up offers before or if there is something else that appeals extra much.

We are convinced that you will have a fun experience with everyone. Once the selection is made, click through the button that refers to the page.

2. Register on the bingo site

The second step is to fill in the information required by the gaming company and the bingo site. It is usually a social security number along with a name.

Some use fast techniques such as BankID while others require that all information is filled in manually. Regardless, it is a process you must do and according to the Swedish gaming law, all players must have a gaming account.

Theory: This is how a game plan is divided
We have all sat on the TV couch and shouted "BERTIL 8A"? But what does Bertil really mean? Nothing. Here is the layout:

  1. B: 1-15
  2. I: 16-30
  3. N: 31-45
  4. G: 46-60
  5. O: 61-75

Deposit money on your bingo site

After registration, you must make a deposit. A traditional method is to use your bank card just like when shopping online.

You then fill in your card details and verify the purchase / deposit and the money then ends up in your gaming account. Other variants are Trustly (direct transfer) or e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

4. Choose bingo games and start playing online

When the deposit is complete and you have an account, it's time to choose bingo games. Navigate to what seems fun and then start playing.

Now you enjoy bingo just as usual by marking the balls that appear against your bingo card. A predetermined pattern gives you a win and "BINGO!".

Rules around online bingo

Adjusting for the traditional variant is quite simple. It is important to divide the work tasks before in order for it to be controlled. First you decide who will be responsible for calling numbers. The person will then sit at the front and draw numbers and shout out.

All participants will then dot their numbers on the tile and try to create a winning combination. With the right combination, you shout straight out, "BINGO!". Then another person comes out and checks that there has actually been a correct win before the person can receive their winnings or gift.

Online bingo rules are handled automatically

If you play online, the rules are handled automatically and controlled by the casino that uses advanced computers. You can e.g. as players choose to mark the numbers both manually and automatically.

Many people appreciate marking manually because it is part of the feeling, because you play for fun. But if you want to play more tiles, it can be convenient to have automatic marking so as not to miss any numbers.

Play bingo online

bingo games online
If you are eager to play bingo online, our task is to inform you as well as possible before your first game. An important first step is to figure out the number of balls you want to play with.

It varies and changes the game quite a bit and may seem like a pretty small difference. Here are the different options:

75-ball bingo is the classic variant and most common. Just as it sounds, you play with 75 different balls, from 1 to 75. Your tile is then divided into three sections with 25 numbers in each.

80-ball bingo has had its impact after it is a common variant at many online bingo halls. On the other hand, the form of play is more unusual in the gaming halls. Unlike other variants, 80-ball bingo is faster to play.

90-bollsingo is the last variant and is very popular in England and Australia. Just as it sounds, you have 90 numbers to play with.

Pattern bingo online

The usual honest variant of Bingo means, as previously mentioned, that you should have five numbers in a row, diagonally or in columns. There are more variants of the game and one of the most popular by the usual is pattern bingo.

The difference is that you instead have the number in a pattern. What the pattern looks like has been chosen before and the numbers are often shaded so you can see the pattern appear.

The fact that the tiles are designed in this way makes the game more varied and exciting, but usually also a little more difficult. Too often the pattern is slightly larger than five numbers and you therefore need to dot in more numbers to win. But, it's the same for everyone and your teammates have it even harder. This allows you to play a little longer before someone succeeds.

Variant bingo online

Another form of play is variant bingo. It works so that when a player gets a line, and usually wins, the game time continues and you also compete to get two lines, three lines and finally a full tile.

This makes the game much longer, but the chances of winning increase. Because it is often not the same player who gets the first line as others.

This form of play is very popular to play online and you will find it in most people online casino. Feel free to check out our top list above to find the best.

All online bingo games

We have mentioned the most common and popular bingo games right now. But, there are several. Here is a list of all bingo games that you can find at Swedish bingo sites.

  • 75-ball bingo
  • 80-ball bingo
  • 90-ball bingo
  • Snabbingo
  • Bingo Minispel
  • Variant bingo
  • Pattern bingo
  • Bingomix
  • Maxitrippel


Bingo trends

new bingo sites new bingo trends

The demand and supply of bingo online has varied greatly in recent years. At first, bingo was a game for the elderly and the development and innovation around the game did not progress very fast.

In recent years, however, good bingo sites have appeared a bit close and close. Below we have mapped the trends that abound but also tried to say something about the future.

Online Bingo 2022

In the future, we believe that online bing will grow significantly. In 2021, several new pages were launched and the most popular became Tombola Bingo. They focused on an exceptionally good bingo experience and the players flocked to the side. In 2021, we believe there will be a strong focus on gaming and live gaming. The future can only show but we will keep you updated.

Bingo without registration

A very talked about and clear trend in the last year is bingo without registration. We have seen in the past how popular casino without registration has become, and now it's the bingo sites' turn.

It works so that you verify your identity with BankID and do not have to fill in information that takes a long time. Many people have integrated this process with a deposit that allows you to start playing bingo in minutes.

New bingo sites

Every year, new bingo sites and bingo sites come to Sweden. In 2019, the largest launch was, which launched in early April. If you generally look at different bingo sites, some have several years on their necks. It is something that differs from e.g. casino sites.

The reason may be that it requires more focus and long-termism of an operator. Regardless, there will be some new bingo sites every year and we at are very focused on updating these for you. Always check at the top of our top lists.

New bingo sites 2021

If you look at the functionality and range of all new bingo sites in 2021, we discover quite quickly that simplicity is in focus. You should not have to remember user details or passwords, but just get started directly with a few keystrokes.

One such set is to use Bank ID or similar methods. Another thing that has become important is also deposits and withdrawals. Both safety and speed are something both old and new bingo prioritize.

Bingo bonus

Bingo bonus, reload bonus

Like a casino bonus bingo sites want to attract new players through great deals. This is called a bingo bonus. Today you can find several good bingo bonuses and we have compiled these in the list below.

Just like at a casino, the bonus is structured so that your deposit is multiplied and you get more money to play for. Nothing says that a bingo bonus is lower than at a casino. We have calculated that you as a new player can on average get 200% more of your first deposit at most bingo sites.

To claim your bonus, you will find an attractive offer in the list, click on the bingo page and create an account. Once inside, or in connection with the registration, you can choose to deposit money. If you have then gone through us, an alternative with your bingo welcome bonus will appear.

Try bingo for free

It is possible to play for free for those who are hungry. However, there is nothing you can do forever but is linked to temporary offers such as. a welcome bonus. To play bingo for free you need to find a welcome bonus that gives free money before depositing, it is a bit difficult but absolutely possible.

When you then register, you get a deposit completely free and which can then be used in all games. The variant is called everyday for free casino. You can not have been a member or customer of the casino before but only apply to new customers.

If we find such an offer on the market, it will be in our list of the best bingo sites online right now.

Free bingo

On all the pages that we list here, there is something called free bingo. This means that you play bingo for free but without betting real money. In other words, it is entirely a game for entertainment only and nothing for the chances of winning.

Winning money is always fun and can be a nice financial boost but free bingo is still very nice.

Reload bingo bonuses

Loyal players could previously get a bonus that was often called a reload bingo bonus. Reload means reloading and gaming companies could then replenish your gaming account again if your bingo money ran out after a long period of membership and faithful gambling.

Unfortunately, this bonus form has disappeared since 1 January 2019 when the new gaming law came into force. The Swedish authorities think that the bonus encourages unhealthy gambling.

Bingo online with bonus

paf casino logo Bingo


  • 99 Free Spins
  • Casino, Lotto & Bingo
  • Swish deposit
maria casino logo

Maria Casino

  • Deposit SEK 100
  • Get 50 turnover-free FS
  • Live Bingo
TO CASINO » logo 50 SEK bonus without wagering requirements

  • 50 SEK bonus without wagering requirements
  • 50 cash spins worth SEK 1 each
  • Bingo & Casino

Bingo is a social game

One of the big reasons why people play bingo online is because it is social. Being able to win money and feel a little excitement in everyday life are also two important factors, but for many players it actually comes secondarily..

It is often possible to communicate with other players when playing bingo online in a so-called chat. There you can write things about the game or just talk about general things you have in common. It is often a very pleasant experience that many appreciate.

There are a lot of abbreviations that can be good to know when you want to communicate with others. Be sure to read a bit about chat languages ​​to get an idea of ​​how your teammates communicate if it is not clear at first.

The same social aspect is also the reason why players choose to go to a bingo hall and play. There you meet friends and acquaintances to have a fun evening often filled with laughter, good food and coffee. It is a hobby rather than a game for many and you have certain days to play on.

Bingo without a license

As we have stated before, more and more people are starting to open their eyes to bingo gaming. We have very many players in Sweden who have Swedish bingo games. But what does it look like with bingo without a license? And likewise, is it illegal? Running a bingo business requires a permit, a so-called license. But since many casino sites without a Swedish license also conduct bingo, it is completely legal to play on these pages without a Swedish license. But it is important to be aware of exactly what applies when playing bingo. For example, everything falls under the law to conduct "gambling" against the Swedish population, which clearly regulates games that can be played online.

Live bingo without a license

Earlier we mentioned that it is usually a social game, that you should be "gathered" in a room and listen to the advertiser shout out bingo numbers, however as we can see it works to do at a distance as well. Sweden's old beloved Bingolotto worked exactly that way. However, now you can gather in an online room and play, without having to pick up the phone to call Loket because you won.

Questions and answers about Online Bingo

Why Bingo is so popular?

The reason why Bingo is so popular is its social and easy-going form. And of course the opportunity to win money. Start playing today by finding best bingo sites in our top list.

How do I start playing?

It is easy! You start playing by selecting a page in our top list. Then you register and make a deposit with either a card or bank transfer. Both are equally safe.

Can I play online bingo for free?

It's possible! You can find something called free bingo and then get a gift to play free online bingo for. Another option is free bingo which means you play without betting money.

Why there are different types of bingo games?

The reason why there are several forms of bingo is that it is adapted to different situations. Faster shapes suit you who want to play fast. Classic bingo forms suit you who have plenty of time and want to enjoy.

Is it safe to make a deposit to bingo sites?

Obvious! All bingo sites we recommend have a Swedish gaming license and you make deposits and withdrawals securely.

What is bingo?

What is online bingo?

For those who are not familiar with bingo, it works so that the player gets a tile with randomly selected numbers. The numbers are structured in a grid and at short intervals numbers are called out.

It is then important to dot the announced number on your badge. When you have five numbers either in a row, diagonally or in column, you have won. The game has its origins in Italy as early as the 16th century but did not come to Sweden until 1961.

The history of bingo

If you want to play bingo analogously instead of on the internet, it is done in a bingo hall. When the classic game was first introduced in Sweden in 1961, it was played at associations. Gunnartorps IF was the association that first arranged a game night.

This was a way for associations to fund the activities and offer something fun to their members. Today there are about 100 gaming halls in Sweden but the interest has decreased since Bingolotto started broadcasting in 1990. A very popular variant of the game is Bilbingo.

Here they gathered in a parking lot and numbers were called out in megaphones. When a winner got the right numbers in a row, they used their horn instead of the classic scream.


The social, entertaining and different game of bingo has really taken a place in the hearts of the Swedish people. The number of bingo sites is increasing every year and players are increasingly looking for a site to play bingo on. We have therefore gathered all important information in this guide.

Previously on the page, you will find an introduction together with a top list of the best bingo sites in Sweden right now. Furthermore, you can read all about bingo bonuses and related rules. We also clearly explain how to get started and which different bingo games to choose from.

After reading, we hope you have all the necessary information to start playing. Good luck!