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Super fast deposit at a swish casino. We have gathered all the casinos with swish in one place.

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Casino with Swish

A casino that uses Swish as a payment method is often referred to as "Swish casinoThe advantages of using a casino with swish are several, but the biggest is the possibility of quick and easy deposits within a few seconds.

On this page you will find the best casino with Swish sorted in a top list. At all of them, we have tested and verified the possibility of Swish payment so that you can easily only choose one from the list. Good luck and hope you enjoy fast deposits!

Best casinos with Swish

888 casino logo Deposit with Swish

888 Casino

  • Deposit with Swish
  • Casino & Betting
  • Jackpot Games
Campobet logo Outlet with Swish


  • Outlet with Swish
  • Casino & Betting
  • Quick registration
playtoro casino logo Direct withdrawal with Swish

PlayToro Casino

  • Direct withdrawal with Swish
  • New Casino
  • 2500+ Top games
yoyo Casino logo Swish Casino

Yoyo Casino

  • Use Swish
  • New Casino - New license
  • Easy registration
faster logo


  • Choose 100 Jackpot spins
  • Or SEK 100 Sports bonus
  • Quick withdrawals with Swish
hyper casino logo Swish Casino

Hyper Casino

  • SEK 100 on your first deposit
  • Swish Casino
  • Hyper-fast registration
live lounge logo With Pay and Play and Swish

Live Lounge

  • Insert & Play instantly without hassle
  • Without registration
  • With Pay and Play and Swish
guts xpress casino logo Swish Casino

Guts Xpress

  • XPRESSFART account
  • Quick registration
  • Without Strul
CasinoCasino logo Swish Casino


  • 100% UP TO 100 SEK
  • Quick registration
  • Casino & Lotto
speedy casino Speedy Casino
  • Registration without Account
  • No hassle
  • Quick withdrawals
pronto casino logo

Pronto Casino

  • Account and withdrawal in 5 minutes
  • Pay and Play
  • 2500+ Top games
mr green logo Mr Green
  • Quick registration
  • 200 Free Spins
  • Over 1600 games
duelz logo

Duelz Casino

  • Trustly Deposits
  • Casino duels
  • All popular games
Scandibet casino logo


  • Without Account
  • Betting & Casino
  • Viking theme
turbo vegas logo

Turbo Vegas

  • Casino Without Registration
  • Turbocharged outlets
  • With Trustly & Zimpler

Play casino with swish

When it comes to using Swish at a casino, it is at least as easy and will really facilitate any deposits in the future. Usually, if you are sending money via Swish to a friend, the recipient needs the phone number that you enter. At a casino, the process is much easier and you fill in your phone number instead. A request is then sent to your phone, which you approve in the Swish app.

Top 10 casinos with Swish

  1. LeoVegas - Best casino with withdrawals with Swish
  2. Videoslots - Large selection of casino games
  3. Jalla Casino - Fast & safe Swish casino
  4. Casumo - Modern casino with Swish
  5. Betsson - Swish for casino, odds & poker
  6. Nordicbet - Casino with swish for deposit and withdrawal
  7. Betsafe - Payouts with Swish for casino
  8. Unibet - Offers casino with swish for withdrawals and deposits
  9. Maria Casino - A casino with Swish that is good with mobile
  10. GoGo Casino - Mobile casino with Swish

How it works

Depositing money with Swish to a casino has been possible a couple of years back in time through an intermediary called Zimpler. Zimpler is a payment method that offers payment by credit card, swish or invoice. However, we will not talk about this payment method in this review because there has been a newer and simpler way in connection with the new gaming law.

The new gaming law created new opportunities for casinos in connection with the creation of a regulated market that is under the supervision of the gaming inspectorate. Today, all casinos in Sweden that offer games to Swedish customers must be able to offer login or verification with BankID. It should not be necessary to send in documents such as passports and proof of address to show that you are you.

As all customers are verified, new opportunities were created and, among other things, we have got swish as a new elective payment method. A casino that was very early to start using Swish was LeoVegas Casino.

We call these casinos Swish Casino. Of all the payment methods that exist and have existed since the casino became popular online, this is probably the easiest way ever to deposit money. We will explain how easy it is to make a deposit with Swish:

  1. Choose to make a deposit at the casino and choose the payment method Swish
  2. Select the amount you want to deposit at the casino
  3. You will be asked to launch the Swish app on your smartphone
  4. When you open the app, you will be forwarded to BankID, which wants you to verify the payment
  5. The deposit is made provided there is enough money in the account you have linked to Swish, now you can start playing

So it is so easy to make a deposit with Swish, we can feel safe and secure that it is safe to make payments as the casinos are now under the supervision of the gaming inspectorate.

We can guarantee that the payment method has been encrypted and undergone certifications and complied with the requirements and rules required to be able to offer a payment service.

If you do not have Swish

Getting Sweden's fastest payment method is very simple. Start by developing the phone and download the application that you find in your phone's market for apps, e.g. Apple Store if you use iPhone. Then log in to your internet bank and activities Swish, each individual bank has a little different methods but usually it only requires that you confirm with Bank ID. The last step is to launch the app and confirm again. Then, you are ready to Swisha!

Banks affiliated with Swish

Today, there are over 7 million Swedes with Swish and according to their own statement, 51 million payments are made every month. That the payment method is a reality today is due to the fact that several banks chose to cooperate and enable direct transfers, even though it usually takes a couple of days. Thanks to lending, banks share the risk.

Banks that offer the Swish app to their customers:

  • ICA Banks
  • Nordea
  • Commercial banks
  • SEB
  • Skandia
  • Länsförsäkringar
  • Forex Bank
  • Danske Bank
  • Sparbanken Syd
  • Sparbanken Norr
  • Swedbank
  • Bank of Åland

Withdraw via Swish at casinos

We have looked at different casinos and there does not seem to be any possibility to make withdrawal requests. However, it is completely unnecessary and we understand that it does not exist because you have options to withdraw money for Trustly.

Trustly as you may know is the payment method with direct payments to your bank account. As soon as the casino has processed your withdrawal request and approved the withdrawal, the money will reach your bank account within 5 minutes. We guess that there were restrictions on making withdrawals via Swish or that each transaction has some kind of cost.

Advantages of choosing a casino with Swish

Something you can hear in the vernacular often is "Swish casino" - the term means not that it is swish that has offered a gaming site, but it is about casinos that offer swish as a payment method for depositing money. The benefits of choosing a casino with swish are many.

1. Sure

The payment method is one of the most common payment methods today and there are approximately 53 million transactions every month between all Swedish banks. Safety has been the goal for Getswish AB all along.

2. Free of charge

Making a payment or transaction with Swish never costs money. All of your transfers to a casino with swish will therefore be and remain free of charge.

3. Maintain control

Unlike other fast options on the market, the payment method is linked directly to your bank account. This means that you can easily keep track of if too much money is being spent. To keep control of their gambling and actually know how much money you are playing for long-term sustainability.

Quick and easy

The average time for a deposit with swish is approximately 30 seconds. It has never been easier to deposit money into a casino. Whether you play at home in peace and quiet or sit on the bus, it is easy to pick up the phone and approve the payment like a transfer. Immediately after the approval, the payment is ready and your money is deposited and can be played for.

Disadvantages of Swish Casino

The disadvantages of using swish for deposit at casino are few. However, there are some. Below we will report what users think has been complicated with the method. Information has been collected via a form but also from online forums such as Flashback.

Reported disadvantages gaming companies with swish:

  • No possibility of withdrawal with swish
  • Maximum amount for transfers
  • Limited total transfers per month
  • Connected directly to bank account and no internet wallet

The future with Swish

In the future, we believe that there will be an increased interest in casino with swish. Swish is so common among today that it is used daily by almost our entire population. So why should it not be as common and easy to use Swish against the casino as well?

A few quick keystrokes, we are up and running at the casino, it is incredibly simple and smooth and you can feel confident that the service is as secure as the other payment methods offered. We recommend that you make a deposit with Swish the next time you play, and you will notice how incredibly simple it is..

Continued high demand

It has now been just over a year since the payment method began to appear on various gaming sites in our elongated country. We see no tendency at all for the popularity to decline, rather the opposite. Players search every day specifically for casino with swish and open almost as often is the casino up with the payment option.

In the future, we will update you on what the demand looks like. It can be useful for you who have found our site in the hope of finding a good casino know how other players think and how trends develop.

Swish casinos abroad

Unfortunately, Swish does not work as a foreign payment. As Swish is connected to your mobile, and it has been accepted as a payment method in Sweden, it is specifically designed for Swedes. Many casinos with a Swedish license have Swish as their payment solution as we wrote earlier, this does not apply then casinos without a Swedish license who may not turn to the population of Sweden.

Due to this, for example, you are not allowed to offer Swedish payment solutions. It is precisely the license that specifically puts a stop to most things that you can take part of as Swedish simplifications such as Swish or BankID as registration..

Swish abroad

But just because specifically Swish does not work in other countries, there are always similar systems to be found abroad. If we take an example, we have Norway which has its payment solution called Vipps. It should work in the same way as Swish in Sweden. So other countries are not far from us in terms of simple and flexible systems.

What is Swish?

Swish is an application for fast payments between private individuals and companies. The payments are linked to your bank account and through the application you pay the desired amount to a mobile number that is linked to the same service.

When it comes to payments to companies, it is a company number. You send money from your own bank account which you have connected via the internet bank. What is required to use the Swish app is that you have Mobile BankID installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Using BankID

With the help of BankID, you verify yourself and approve payments. You can make settings for your swish account in your internet bank, e.g. if you want to choose which bank account to link.

The payment method has existed since 2012 and during these years more and more banks have joined the service. The need for Swish arose when payments between Swedish banks required transaction times and took up to a full working day.

Therefore, a collaboration was created between banks, which means that if you send a payment to a user who has Nordea even though you have Swedbank, the payment will still arrive immediately..

Questions and answers about Swish Casino

How do I swish a casino?

It's very simple. First find a casino in our top list that offers the payment method and then click on deposit at the casino. When you then choose swish as the payment method, you will receive a request in your app, approve it and your deposit is ready!

Can I swish in 25 kronor?

Unfortunately not! The minimum amount is SEK 49.

How many gaming companies with Swish are there?

We would estimate it at about 50. You will find the 15 best sorted in our guide and top list.

Available without registration and swish?

Absolutely! It is a very fast and smooth combination that we really like. Many pages in our top list are without registration and with swish.

Is casino with swish complicated?

Not at all! It works better and smoother than other payment methods. Enter your number and get a request for your app directly.

Is there a casino without a license with Swish?

No, these players do not offer casino without Swedish licenseSwish today.

Conclusion on Casino with Swish

The conclusion is clear, this must be the market and Sweden's simplest method of deposit. The market has really taken off since gaming companies began to adopt and apply the fast swish technology. It's just to state.

We have also spent time vacuuming the market and have now compiled all the places that offer swish in a top list. It will be constantly updated and we hope to offer you a top list with the best choices for you. Should it be the case that you have never used the application before, we have also informed you about how to get started easily.


Swish as a payment solution quick info

  • quick and easy
  • Swedish product that can be used for casinos
  • BankID verification
  • Support from authorities for games from casinos
  • Safe alternative for casino games